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Breaking the tradition for the first time Samsung are partnering with Qualcomm for their upcoming Smartphone Samsung S7. Apart from this out of the tradition spec, Galaxy S7 will have many outstanding features to overwhelm consumers. In last few years Samsung have been experiencing a dip in its smartphone sale although every time its smartphones create a lot of buzz and hype. Stiff competition with Chinese companies is a real factor when it comes to sale. In these circumstances S7 is the ray of hope for Samsung to push the sale up in the last month of the year.  A number of speculations have come out from the basket of Galaxy S7 rumours. Aggregating those rumours and some practical senses we are presenting some probable Samsung Galaxy S7 features and Specifications.

Galaxy S7 needs to do exceptionally well in the global Smartphone market to establish Samsung as the clear ruler of this industry. Sasmsung is actually playing a waiting game with this Smartphone and that’s why we are not getting any insights about this upcoming Smartphone. Yes, few Galaxy S7 rumors are here and there, but nothing concrete at all. Samsung Galaxy S7 is scheduled to be launched officially in Q1 of 2016. If I’m not wrong Apple too is gearing up to launch its own iPhone 7 in 2016 only, so it would be fun to watch the clash of clans between Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7. We will keep you updated with both of these Smartphones for sure. With the Galaxy S7 launch, Samsung is eyeing to capture the market share of Apple Inc. in the United States of America.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Series

There is a tradition of releasing series phones of a model. Samsung also takes the similar strategy in their basket. Earlier they launched Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Plus. Probably they will release Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung S7 plus etc. With a little bit higher specifications Samsung S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 plus will be released once Samsung S7 gets unveiled.


Samsung Galaxy S7- Features and Specifications

Galaxy series of Samsung is a formidable class series in Smartphone arena. Throughout the series of Galaxy, Samsung have been upgrading its features and have been putting high end specifications. Expectation is peaking up slowly for Galaxy S7. We, the gadget lovers are expecting a bunch of new innovations and hyper blended technology in upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S7 rumours

Expectations create rumours. Samsung’s S7 is also going to be a thumb of impression of contemporary smartphone features. In air, there are a ton of rumours on S7 features and specifications though nothing has been confirmed yet.

Samsung Galaxy S7- Leaked Images

Here are the leaked images of Galaxy S7. We can get some information and can predict many features by analyzing the leaked S7 pictures.

S7 leaked images

But the leaked images of Galaxy S7 Edge are here in below. We predicted a lots of things from these images. These look stylish and may feature display with more ppi as the displays look sharp and classy. Galaxy S7 Edge Images leaked

Design of the S7

Design is the first thing that makes impression. In maximum cases at first look consumers decide whether to buy a smartphone or not. Outer design is the main key of overall design of any smartphone. Samsung S7 will be released with two variants- 5.2 inches and 5.8 inches models.

Galaxy S7 Display

High resolution vivid display is one of the points that attract consumers first. Samsung Galaxy S7 display will have super AMOLED with 2560 X 1400 pixels of resolution. Upcoming Samsung S7 will feature 4K resolution. Enjoy crisp stills and video, better than ever.

Samsung S7 Chip and Processor

Breaking the path of tradition, Samsung is going to house Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor in its Exynos 8890 chip. The code name Mongoose is rumoured to have Snapdragon 820 in its heart which will clock at 2.2 GHZ. So forget about the speed and processing time. Go on with multi tasking. Your Samsung mobile will now ditch you in the middle of multitasking anymore. With Samsung’s upcoming galaxy S7, users will taste a new thing.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Flash Memory

Impressive flash memory will be one of the plus points of Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung S7 Rumours indicates 32 GB and 64 GB flash memory built-in probability one more time after Galaxy S6. Forget about SD card. S7 has got enough built in memory!

Galaxy S7 Specs

 Galaxy S7 Camera Features

Camera is a key to get consumers attracted now-a-days. It’s more about selfies and less about smartphone usage. Samsung S7 will sport a 20 MP rear or primary camera that will ISOCELL technology enabled for crystal clear perfect image capture. Front camera may have f-2 aperture for better low light capturing. The selfie camera may be 13 MP that is clearly enough for taking perfect size selfie or groupie.

Samsung S7- LTE 4G Support  

Samsung S7 will support LTE 4G for better data speed in real time. Galaxy S7 is going to have all the others data usage parameters- 3G, GPRS and EDGE etc. It is an intelligent move no doubt.

Galaxy S7 Release Date

Revamping the stage Samsung S7 is to launch in December 2015. Though no official release date of S7 has been declared by the company’s, rumours and company’s strategy outlook is indicating towards an early release- hopefully Galaxy S7 will be released in early December, 2015. Expected date of Samsung S7 unveiling is 6th December, 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features Rumour

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs Unique Special Point

Fast Charging Technology

Super fast charging is becoming the point of discussion among the smart buyers now-a-days. Rumours indicating towards a fast charging mode- full charge within 40 minutes! And that also a 4000 mAh battery!- Will be awaiting too taste this feature eagerly.

Turtle Protective Glass

A new in house product of Samsung is going to be sported in upcoming Galaxy S7. Recently Samsung has patented the Turtle Glass Technology which is superior to Gorilla Glass 4 and Dragon trail, claimed by the Samsung.

Galaxy S7 Price

Price is the prime factor of marketing. Samsung’s pricing trend has been so linear. Guessing the price of Galaxy S7 is not a tough nut to crack. Price of Galaxy S7 will be around $750 to $800. In India, Samsung S7 will cost you Rs. 45K to Rs. 55K.

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Update December 2015

We are introducing this new section in this page in order to give you all the latest updates around the beast Samsung Galaxy S7. We will try to cover all the latest big updates about this Smartphone right here to provide all the latest scoops about Galaxy S7. In December 2015, Forbes published an exclusive article on Galaxy S7 pointing towards its controversial design which was leaked few days earlier. Galaxy S7 is likely to include microSD but they may abandon flashscren from this upcoming device. As per latest rumors the brand Samsung is entirely redesigning this flagship device of 2016 and it’s ready to take on Apple’s products by offering some best of its class features of its own.

Galaxy S7 Release date is yet to be known as the company has not revealed any official details about that. But as per our trend analyzation the Galaxy S7 launch date should be around March-April 2016. It’s very much possible that Samsung will introduce this upcoming Smartphone at IFA 2016 which is scheduled to be held in Madrid, Spain. It is quite guessable that Samsung won’t take any chances with this one expecifically and that’s why we are yet to get any official confirmation about Galaxy S7 features and look from the company itself.


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