Fitrus Plus is the Most Accurate Portable Device to Measure Body Fat & Muscle Mass

Often when people decide they want to get fit, they focus on the number they see on the scale. The truth is, that number is not always an accurate representation of your actual health or body composition. A female who is 5’3 and 130 lbs may have a muscular build while another female of the same height and weight may look entirely out of shape. This is due to different body compositions.

Having your body composition such as muscle mass and body fat can help one get on the right track to their fitness goals. For someone who is “skinny fat,” meaning they are thin but lack muscle mass, their goal may be to put on muscle. In this case, the person would have to be in a calorie surplus rather than a deficit to get the lean look they desire. Another person may have adequate muscle mass but have a layer of fat on top. Their goal would likely be fat loss — a calorie deficit.

So how we exactly get these numbers? Currently the methods are: skin calipers, hydrostatic weighing, DEXA scans, 3D body scans, Air-Displacement Plethysmography, and Bioelectrical Impedance. The problem is that many of these methods are too complicated, too expensive, or simply inaccurate — until now.

Launched this week on Kickstarter is Fitrus Plus, a powerful pocket-sized body composition measurement device. It allows users to track their body composition such as body fat percentage and muscle mass on-the-go. Other measurements the device can track is body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, oxygen saturation, BMR, BMI, steps, skin temperature and stress index. It measures via Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).

Now, if you’re wondering “Hey, hasn’t BIA been around. Isn’t it inaccurate?” Yes, this has been true for many years and is often the form of measurement for smart scales. Many people are aware of the inaccuracy but track the overall trends of their body fat and muscle mass. However, Fitrus Plus is now here to change the game.

Fitrus Plus is 98.8% accurate. That means no more expensive DEXA scans, no more relying on inaccurate scale measurements, and no more complicated skin calipers.

In addition to the device, Fitrus Plus comes with a companion app for iOS and Android that lets users efficiently manage their daily results, track their exercise, and log their nutrition and macronutrients. Based on measurements and logging, the Fitrus Plus app will also provide customized recommendations for better nutrition and exercise habits and encourage users when they make healthy decisions.

Fitrus Plus is available for pre-sale now starting at $129. This is 50% discount from the original price and will only stay at this price for 2 weeks. Gets yours here.


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