Mozilla Closes Firefox OS Project Finally

Mozilla is going to shut down its smartphone operating system. Mozilla during its company’s developer meet in Orlando on Wednesday revealed that it is eliminating its operating system for smartphones from its offering – the Firefox OS.

Why this decision? Of course the revenue issue is behind the sudden announcement. They revealed that they could not generate enough revenue from this wing where the works of Firefox OS has been going on. A list of devices, mainly low cost smartphone like includes Flavor Fire One Mi-FX 2, Alcatel OneTouch Fire C, Alcatel Orange Klif, Intex Cloud FX, Firefox U105, and others. Another short coming of this OS is it could not run any indigenous application. Only online applications could be run.

firefox OS is closed

After its release in 2013, it did not get enough applause from the customers and they brought only a single update. They planned to introduce Firefox TV also but al last everything has shut down and the project is closed finally.

Baseding on a research report from last month, Mozilla’s Firefox OS, aside from BlackBerry, revealed a decline in smartphone platform market share. Mozilla in November likewise introduced a developer sneak peek of its Firefox OS that can be installed on Android tools as an application. Mozilla on Wednesday introduced Concentration by Firefox, a content-blocking app for iOS gadgets.

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