Confirmed Xiaomi Mi 5 Features, Release Date & Leaked Images

The Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is all set to launch their latest flagship device Xiaomi Mi 5. Ever since the company announced the news about this wonder device, the fans and the tech gurus get mad over the probable features, specifications, price and the release date of the Mi 5. Every day some new rumors and speculations about the phone are leaking over the internet and every day the expectation bar of this Xiaomi Mi 5 gets higher and higher.

Xiaomi Mi 5

The company is also taking the full advantages of this unprecedented situation and keeps the rumor mill churning from their side. But finally, some good news have arrived for the Xiaomi lovers as the Senior Vice President of the company, Liwan Jiyang has officially confirmed the Xiaomi Mi 5 release date, along with some specs which the phone will be dressed up with when it will hit the market. The specs which have been confirmed by the Chinese company include the processor of the phone, the resolution, SIM slots, the build of the device and some connectivity features. So friends go through the article to know what the handset will sport when it will be launched officially in the last week of February.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Release Date

Xiaomi Mi 5 Release Date

24th February is the date when Xiaomi will give birth to their latest flagship device Mi 5. Plenty of speculations were blowing in the wind about the release date, and 24th February was one of them. But today the company officially confirmed that they will launch the phone on the company’s Spring Festival event which is on 24th February. Also, we know for sure, kudos to the Global VP of the company Hugo Barra, that the Xiaomi Mi 5 will be showcased at one of the world’s largest tech expo, Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Confirmed Features


Since the company announced that they will release a new flagship in 2016, it was expected that the Xiaomi Mi 5 will feature the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor under the hood. The Senior Vice President of Xiaomi Liwan Jiyang has confirmed today that Mi 5 will be powered by this high-end chipset inside the device. Though the reconfirmation by the CEO Lei Jun is still due about this matter.

Snapdragon 820 is the latest SoC made by the company and has managed to impress the experts so far in terms of performance. The company has resolved the heating issue too, which was visible in the Snapdragon 810, the previous processor of the same company.

 Screen Resolution

As we predicted, the all new Xiaomi Mi 5 will sport a FHD 1920 x 1080p resolution as its display. The Senior VP of this Chinese company, Liwan Jiyang, confirmed this feature today. Also there was rumor that the company will go for 2K display for this latest flagship, but Liwan discarded the speculation and said; as 2K resolution drains out a lot of battery life, the company decided to stick with the normal FHD 1920 x 1080p screen resolution. Our experts also vouch for this resolution as the phone will come with only 5-5.2 inch screen size which is not exactly suitable for 2K display.

 Dual SIM Slots

Xiaomi Mi 5 Features

The CEO of the Xiaomi, Lei Jun confirmed that the Mi 5 will come with Dual SIM slots. Although it is not a surprise for us, but we can now surely confirm this connectivity feature of the handset thanks to the screenshot posted by Mr. Lei Jun.


NFC or Near Field Communication is a notable connectivity feature seen in the major flagship devices of various companies. Xiaomi also put NFC in their previous flagships but left it out from Mi 4 due to lack of usage by the consumers. In 2014, prior to the launch event of Mi 4, Lei Jun, CEO of the company commented that Xiaomi decided to remove the NFC feature from Mi 4 because only 1% of the buyers used NFC.

But things have changed recently, and maybe Xiaomi has understood that ignoring NFC from their flagships will leave them behind in the smartphone rat race. So the company is bringing back NFC to Mi 5 again. A few days ago, Lei Jun posted a screenshot in his Weibo account, where we could see a large N symbol on the taskbar of the phone. Today, the Senior Vice President of Xiaomi, Mr. Liwang further confirmed that the upcoming Mi 5 will feature NFC via his official Weibo page.


Xiaomi Mi 5 Design

Earlier this year, a Chinese website claimed that the all new Mi 5 will come in two variants; a high-end version with an all metal builds and a low-end version with 3 GB RAM and 2.5D glass body. Today some leaked images of the rear panel of the low-end version has surfaced on the internet, more precisely on the Chinese counterpart of Twitter; Weibo , via some close sources working in this project. And according to these alleged Xiaomi Mi 5 leaks, the low-end variant will come with a back cover with a glass-like material.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Specification

On the top left corner of the back panel, there are two openings given to place the camera sensor and the dual LED flash, where as in the middle, the traditional Mi logo is craved upon. Also the rear shell is not completely plain but has a textured look. So maybe,like the Xiaomi Mi 3, the company could release a textured pattern version of Mi 5. Overall the back panel of the lower-end version of the upcoming flagship has a royal and premium look.

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Wrap Up

So, these are the potential features and specs of the Xiaomi Mi 5, confirmed by the company itself. Check an in-depth analysis of the features, specs, price and Xiaomi Mi 5 release date. We are just three weeks away from the official launch of the Xiaomi Mi 5. So expect many more leaks, rumors and official confirmation about the flagship in the upcoming days. So stick to our website to keep yourself updated about Xiaomi Mi 5.

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