Dell XPS 12 and XPS 13 launched in India

Dell, the computer manufacturing company has launched two all new Windows 10 Laptops called the Dell XPS 12 and Dell XPS 13. The company Dell has always been one of the first choices of the customers who look for a quality laptop. The company has also been maintaining the quality pretty well till now. Dell as a company has paid more attention towards the features and quality of a product than the price. In order to keep the price low Dell has never compromised with the cost. So quite naturally, Dell has been a brand of the sophisticated ones.

Dell XPS 12

That was much about the company. Now coming to the laptops the features have to be discussed. Let’s look into the features of XPS 12 first. The fact is that the new model, launched by the company has been provided with sophistication in every area of the features list. The XPS 12 features a flip-hinge design and is a perfect example of accurate and superb craftsmanship. So one can make the display go round and round throughout the day. More that must be mentioned is that XPS 12 can be used both as a laptop or a Tab, which means the display is detachable.

As far as the operating system is concerned, as already mentioned above, it runs on the latest fruit of Microsoft’s hard work, which is Windows 10. As per the company, the XPS 12 is just a hybrid computing device that gives you 4K Ultra HD display. Being a TAB like device it naturally has front and rear camera. The rear camera is 8MP and at the front, there is a 5MP sensor at the top.

Dell XPS 12 and XPS 13 launched in India

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Though the above features do determine a lot, but most important feature that determines that determines the excellence of a computing gadget is the processor. The XPS 12 is powered by Intel Core M5 processor coupled with 8GB RAM to provide you one of the most classy experiences of using a laptop. Apart from this the SSD is 256GB. Thus one user can store as many data as he wants without the device getting lagged. Other features include a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port and 30Whr battery. So those were the features of XPS 12. The cost of the product is 80, 807 INR.


Now coming to the next device XPS 13, the common feature between the previous one and this one is that the operating systems are same. The XPS 13 also runs on the latest Windows 10. The two new products of Dell are exclusive to Windows 10 and are meant for those who actually prefer quality over price. As far as all the features of the XPS 13 are concerned, one can say that the laptop has been configured with such features which can take the product to the top class of products of similar kinds and uses.

Now let us take a look into the other features of the same. Dell pays a lot of attention towards the display of its products. So the XPS 13 is also not an exception. The XPS 13 features a 13.3 inch full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The monitor screen is only 5.2mm thick. The twist about this laptop is that it comes in two variants in terms of the internal configurations. The first one is powered by Intel Core i3 processor. The RAM is 4GB and the SSD is 128GB. As for the rest of the features, the laptop has a HD webcam and there are 3 USB 3.0 ports. The product comes only at 76, 990.


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Now coming to the other variant, it features the sixth generation Intel Core i7 processor which is the latest of its kind. Though the previous variant has configurations which are much different from the XPS 12, the second variant’s RAM and SSD are similar. The RAM of XPS 13 second variant is 8GB and the SSD is 256GB. The display is QHD+ with resolution 3200×1800 pixels. This variant comes at the cost of 1,24,990 INR.

Wrap Up

The price and the features of the above mentioned products clearly state that the products are meant totally for the financially well built and strong sections of the society. The laptops have strong configurations to give stiff competition to any other laptop producing company of the world. Well! For getting to about the fact that how good will these products perform, we all have to wait. Till then, stay in touch with Techvicity.

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