Google Map Update With Pit Stop Support Hit iOS Devices

After a long time Google has come up with a new feature for iOS. Using this feature anyone can find his or her needs on the way and put a stop on journey and restart with a new route. Google announced the addition of a long requested function to Google Maps that includes a quit along their existing course. In this way you could possibly route your ways to a gas station or restaurant ahead of your final location.

Nonetheless, at launch, the feature was just offered on Android devices. Today, Google says the feature is currently available on all iOS devices too worldwide. It’s unusual that it took Google so long to add such an easy and basic feature to its navigation application. Using the new “add a stop” alternative is fairly basic: while you’re in navigating method, you’ll see a magnifying glass like tool at the top right of your screen that, when pushed, provides a selection of alternatives for the sort of areas where you could stop, consisting of filling station, restaurants, grocery stores or cafe. You likewise could look for more locations. For safety’s benefit, you could access the features using voice commands by tapping the microphone button instead of keying. That will certainly use the choice quicker and also less complicated when you’re behind the wheel. As you view your options sketched on the map, Google Maps will certainly present the rating for each destination, along with the approximated time the detour may take, so you can make the best selection.

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