Xiaomi MIUI 8 Features and Areas Updated

Xiaomi MIUI 8 Features: The newly launched operating system of Xiaomi that is MIUI 8 is something that is going to make you nothing but a fan of not only its features but also its developers. The company Xiaomi, which ranks among the list of the topmost tech giants of the world, has introduced a new version of its operating system MIUI. The MIUI 8 is one of its kinds. With loads of changes made in the list of features of the OS the company is going to surprise you with something else too. Apart from introducing this phone, the company has also announced the names of few Xiaomi phones that are going to get the updates of the version of MIUI. Here you can get all the MIUI 8 features compiled in a single article.

We know that whenever any new operating system is launched, people get curious not only to know the devices that will get its updates but also what would be the features available on the newer version of the system. So here we go with the areas of the operating system that you will get the updates on.

MIUI 8 Features
MIUI 8 Features n Specs

MIUI 8 Features and Specs

Use and Change of Colors

Though it sounds strange and interesting, the colors and the changes do play some role in this operating system. The app store, calendar, environmental status and the voice recording system are the areas that will show you the uses of the colors. Here is a more precise list of the same:

  • The app store where every section will have a color
  • The months in the calendar app will show new colors
  • Notification bar having an environmental status theme with the appropriate color matching it
  • During voice recording, the change of tone will show a change of color in the interface of recorder app

Well! It seems that the new interface of Xiaomi is going to be really colorful.

Cloud Storage

This area that has been modified is probably going to the most important and favorite of all. The storage will be kept as free as possible. The cloud storage has been designed in such a way that whenever you store something, only the thumbnail will be shown to you on the device and the main component will get stored in the cloud storage. This has been specially done to prevent storage space killing.

Photo Editing Features

For the photoholics, this is very interesting and lovable feature. You can now edit your picture with a lot more options. Previously the reasons for which you used to opt for separate photo editing apps would be solved by the phone’s photo editing features itself. You can now add graffiti with the help of new brushes and also hide a part of the picture through the use of the mosaic tool in case you don’t want to crop the picture.

Video Editing Features

When it comes to editing, not only the photos but also the videos are concerned. So the company has also paid attention to the video editing options. The MIUI 8 not just has the photo editing tools, but now also allows editing videos too with filters, cropping, the addition of music, and changing the effects.

Calculator App

So far, for conversion process, we used to download a separate converter app or use Google. But now, the total conversion process can be done by the calculator app itself. So now, it’s no more only about numbers and digits but also about universal unit conversion.

Notes App

The MIUI notes app now has a grid view, and a new feature included is the Memo template, which helps add some taste to the standard notes. These kinds of memos can be shared on the micro-blogging sites with the entire design retained.

Long Screen Capture

From the head itself it is clear that what the features that would be included under this are. Genral screen shots capture only the part that is visible on the screen. However, the screen shots taken on MIUI 8 will also capture those which are not visible on screen. You can select the area of a content that you want to capture and the background will let you understand that how much area you are selecting.


Selections and translations of texts have been given special attention at. Just select a word or a sentence that you need to translate and the languages that are available under the translation head will be shown to you. This lets you do easy translations. The text function will now have a clipboard-like feature which will allow you to quickly paste certain texts like business address, phone numbers, email, etc.

Suspension Button

This is a feature seen in some other UIs already but good to see Xiaomi finally bringing it to let users control the phone with some quick functions. It will help in single handed operation and being transparent it will not block what’s at the background. It comes with some functions that can be controlled.

Anti Fraud SMS Security

This is one of the most important areas that should be given special attention. Now a days the fraud SMSs are matters of concern. So to protect and warn a user against any such SMS received the operating system has been designed such that it will give you layers of protection. At first the SMS will be detected by the system intelligence itself and the user will be notified. Then by any chance if the users visits any fraud browser mentioned in the SMS, the user will be notified one more time before the user takes any action that results into anything wrong. So this way the phone itself will keep you away from the spam messages.

Power Management

The background running apps will freeze when your phone is put on the power saver mode and the automatic syncing of background data is suspended. During this nothing on the network side is changed, yet the battery is saved for 2-3 hours. So, despite not putting the phone on the flight mode you can save battery life. So that’s the best thing and unique as well.

MIUI 8 Release Date

The company is conducting a contest on May 16th. The company will invite lucky participants for the closed beta and the market version for the public will be released on June 1st 2016.

Wrap Up

The MIUI 8 features and the areas that have been worked over, are very important. The ways the areas have been modified are unique and interesting. So, right from now onward people and specially the users of MIUI who are lucky enough to get the updates are excited. We hope that the new MIUI 8 interface would do pretty well and will be well appreciated by the users.

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