iPhone 7 Leaks Confirm Dual Camera in the Rear Portion

If you search for some iPhone 7 cases which are already in the market, one thing you surely have observed and that is- the cutout for dual cameras on the rear site.

Jimmy Lin who is famous for posing with iPhones before launches, in Taiwan has posed a photo recently.  The rear part of the image firmly shows dual lens!

Catch the famous image below-

iPhone 7 image

Though everything is covered by his palm but the logo and the camera is clearly visible here.

Can you see that?

The phone is covered by a case and we have found that case also. Have a look on the image of the case also.


The iPhone 7 case has the similar cutout for the phone also. We have been informed by a solid source that iPhone 7 will come with three different variants- iPhone7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro where iPhone 7 Plus is the larger version of the basic model and “Pro” version will be an improved version overall.

Behold guys, Apple is not gonna release iPhone 7 in September as our predictions say. It may launch iPhone 6SE instead of a new iPhone beacuse of the minimal changes from its last model, iPhone 6S! But no one is this planet hardly knows what Tim Cook thinks! But be assured that if iPhone 7 gets released in the next month, then it will definitaely feature dual camera on its rear site.

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