iPhone 7 AirPods Launched at a price of $159

Apple has released its new AirPod which is basically a wireless headset built with a new technology that consumes less power and delivers impressive quality sound when compared to other contemporary wired headphones of today.  The AirPods were revealed at the iPhone 7 launch event are a replacement for wired headphones as the new flagship device from apple lacks a 3.5mm Audio jack.


The truly wireless AirPods are stunning to look at and gives quite a new spin to the upcoming market of wireless earphones. Apple has a new wireless chip to handle the audio from the AirPods, the Apple W1 that will be found in new wireless Beats headphones as well. The chip handles audio and wireless connectivity, and the AirPods have up to 5 hours of battery life.  The buds charge in a dedicated separate charging case delivering 5-hour battery life. A case provides 24 hours of juice. Apple has engineered a special W1 chip to manage the AirPods.

The AirPods automatically switch between output to your iPhone and Apple Watch, so it is a seamless experience to listen to music across all your devices.

The only disadvantage of the AirPods? They are vulnerable to getting lost considering their size which might be a point of concern for unmindful users. But on an overall basis, this is the actual progression to the age of wireless devices and the Airpods launched earlier today are definitely on an onset to it.

The Apple AirPods are priced at $159 (approximately Rs. 10,571) which is a tad bit expensive for sure, but given its functionalities will be quite a fair deal.


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