PicsArt goes the Prisma Way, Adds Amazing Features

Ever since Prisma exploded on social media, PicsArt too has been pushing to get attention. The recent update is being seen as a way of retaining its audience, and the response has been largely encouraging too.

PicsArt Features

Pics Art’s latest update might even be a challenge to Prisma since it has one major benefit; it does not edit your pictures over the cloud. This has led to PicsArt clocking a much shorter time to apply filters and effects and also makes the fine tuning less cumbersome. “Magic Video” too, gets your videos processed much quicker than on Prisma.

PicsArt finally going the computational neural networking way to change the way something as every day as a selfie is perceived is pretty awesome. The general way economics proceeds, where monopolies being challenged gives rise to more and more competitive services for the customer would guarantee us cellphone photographers are in for a party.


The Magic Video feature is yet to get the appreciation one would expect to see on an app that comes with so much to offer. Common opinion seems to be favored towards the modified video being more like a flip book, with the frame rate being pretty awry. The feature is suitable for 6 second clips, and the process of applying the filters can take over a minute, given how many frames modern cell phone cameras can accommodate in just one second of recording.

Coupled with the powerful editing that PicsArt was already capable on, these additions are all it needed to become the towering monolith among photo editor apps. With only a decent camera and this app, you can create stunning photos going from artsy, lively, dark to viral-worthy.

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