Macbook Pro 2017 Slated For a March 2017 Launch: Features and Specifications

Apple’s Macbook Pro series of laptops has certainly been one of the company’s most appreciated products since the inception of the state-of-the-art notebooks and the tech giants have no intention of stopping the advancements they make towards bettering the quality of these premium devices with each passing year. Apple is widely expected to unveil the MacBook Pro 2016 line anytime soon though not all may be officially out for 2016. There could be some saved for 2017 which somehow ties up the MacBook Air. As Per rumours, the MacBook Air could be debuting alongside the new MacBook Pros. But the more logical scenario is actually next year, where Retina MacBook Pro 2017 are expected to debut.

The MacBook line is considered to be one of the most powerful and productive laptops in the industry and Apple product enthusiasts are expecting a sizzling update in the machine. The Retina MacBook Pro will reportedly be released two versions which include the 13 and 15-inch machines. Expected for a March 2017 release, the notebook will include a thinner body and many people are looking forward to the lighter touch panel which includes Apple’s latest configured touch-pad ID functionality.

Macbook Pro 2017 : Significant Features

Protruded Display : A Whole New Chapter of 3D and Virtual Reality Experience

Martin Hajek, a designer has established a mockup of the Retinal MacBook Pro as it would look with an OLED touch panel. Kuo believes that the new MacBook Pro models have the most significant upgrades Apple has ever undertaken. The new Models will also include metal injection mould made hinges and butterfly mechanism keyboards which we have seen earlier in the 12-inch MacBook.

Also incorporated into the Macbook Pro 2017 will be a protruded screen, which is being seen in the today’s premium smartphones. The advantage of a protruding screen is that it helps deliver a stellar 3D And VR experience.

Siri Integration


Apple’s AI assistant Siri has been one of the most striking features of Apple devices and the new upcoming Macbook Pro is all set to integrate Siri into the notebook which will make iPhone-Macbook connections much more facilitated. Apple announced a slew of new things at WWDC 2016 including the much-anticipated introduction of Siri, its voice-activated assistant, to the Macbook Pro 2017.

Users can call on Siri to help with local and cloud-based storage searches as well as pulling in information and images from the web. This means that search results, much like those usually found via Spotlight can be pinned to the notifications centre. Like you might keep things in Finder, these can then be imported to various Mac applications and is another great way to draw on and incorporate new information into your work and play using Siri.

## Back in 2013 the 92-page patent application titled “Intelligent Digital Assistant in a Desktop Environment” suggested that Siri would enhance MacBook capabilities. In the patent application Apple suggested that:

“The integration of an at least partially voice-controlled intelligent digital assistant into a desktop, laptop, and/or tablet computer environment provides additional capabilities to the digital assistant, and enhances the usability and capabilities of the desktop, laptop, and/or tablet computer.”

Fingerprint Sensor: Touchpadpad Fingerprint Sensor Allows Rapid Unlock


Apple’s latest configured touch-pad ID functionality keeps on getting better as the Macbook Pro 2017 is slated to feature a fingerprint sensor on the Touchpad itself. This new development on Apple’s part will be a totally new incorporation in the Macbook line and will allow users to rapidly unlock the machine in less than 0.6 seconds.

Apple Pen to Work With Mac Trackpad?

Apple filed a patent back in 2014 about incorporating the Apple pencil as an accessory to their MacBook series of laptops and it seems that the Macbook Pro 2017 will finally feature the technology. The patent was published only a few months back in May 2016 and the version of the Apple Pencil described in the patent is significantly more sophisticated than the current model, having the additional ability to work as both an air mouse and joystick.


A Superior Webcam: Optical Zoom Incorporation based on the iPhone Technology

While normally Apple always pushes the highest quality for their products, which I love, their built-in cameras on their Macs are the one thing that could really use a higher quality upgrade. Apple has made very significant advancements in their latest iPhone 7 which has got quite the camera for a smartphone but that is not all. The Camera technology used by the tech giants is also the same one which will most probably be incorporated in the Macbook 2017 webcam according to reports.

Apple Patent

A patent shows a folding telephoto lens design that would allow Apple to add optical zoom to the phone without a protruding camera. Here’s a look at the patent, which details what Apple is calling a “folded telephoto camera lens system”:

Radicalistic Design: Processor, Graphics and E-Ink Technology

Apple is also rumoured to be incorporating Kaby Lake chipsets on the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro 2017, which are said to be a part of tech devices in 2017 as recently reported. Both the 13 & 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro 2017s are rumoured to have much thinner and lighter bodies with shallower curved edges, an expanded pressure-sensitive trackpad, and a flatter keyboard. Both variants are also going to have USB Type-C ports, especially the Intel Thunderbolt 3 into USB-C port.

The 13-inch screen sized variant MacBook Pro 2017 will come with an upgraded Intel Iris Graphics 6100 which is thought to be a bit faster than the GeForce 820M. The 15-inch screen sized variant will sport improved graphics from AMD, a faster storage and a battery life of about 8 to 9 hours.

In between, Apple is in talks with the Foxconn startup, Sonder – a company that uses E Ink technology to display its keys. This allows a way of customising keys and even adding symbols which would not be possible on a regular keyboard. It’s rumoured that Apple will use this technology in their next MacBook Pro 2017.

Apple Macbook Pro 2017: Release Date and Price

There is no confirmed news regarding the release of this premium notebook abut we are putting the date at a probable March 2017 at the earliest but considering Apple’s track record in the launching of their devices, a further delay will not be unprecedented at all.

Long Story short, the Macbook 2017 will be a beast in terms of overall specifications and configuration and though every specification detail regarding the device has not been obtained as of yet, we will be sure to provide you with regular updates as soon as any information regarding the Macbook Pro 2017 surfaces.

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