Samsung Starts Mass Production of 10nm Exynos 8895 Chipset For Galaxy S8

Samsung has been the leading manufacturer of premium smartphones since the inception of the devices, but most recently, the tech giants have been in the news for all the wrong reasons with various issues regarding the malfunctioning Galaxy Note 7 surfacing every day. the multinational is looking to put the setback behind them with the latest advancements related to their devices.

Samsung Chipset

Samsung devices have been using Qualcomm’s manufactured processors in their smartphones and this very fact has probably erased the other fact from everyone’s mind that Samsung does manufacture its own smartphone processors as well and that too before Qualcomm came into the scene.

Samsung’s Exynos line of processors have become very competitive these days, so much that the Exynos 8890 that’s inside of the Galaxy S7 line is used in more markets than an Exynos variant of a Galaxy S has been before, with performance similar or better to the Snapdragon 820. Now, Samsung Electronics is announcing that a new system-on-chip (which is a processor and other key components on one silicon die) built on the new 10-nanometer process has entered mass production.

Samsung was going to be one of the first in the Industry with the new 10nm FinFET process, but to see it enter mass production this early is something of a surprise as speculations of the upcoming smartphones in the Galaxy S Series, the S8 and onwards will most probably feature this chipset, but the launch dates are far off as of now. The new chip, if incorporated in the device, may lead to us witnessing 27 percent boost in performance as well as a 40 percent boost in power consumption among other advancements.

The Galaxy S8 is to launch in February of next year – that is if Samsung sticks to their current release schedule and don’t advance or delay things – and it’d be the perfect product for Samsung to launch the upcoming Exynos 8895 which is rumoured to have gone for mass production.

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