Black Friday 2018 : Nintendo to Launch Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS for Less Than $100

Nintendo has been in the news for various reasons during the last couple of weeks. After releasing a hand full of new devices including the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, the Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company is now all set to launch a Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS during the Black Friday Sale.

Nintendo 3DS to go on sale on Black Friday

Black Friday Sale is one of the biggest events in the United States and celebrated the day following Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday is also regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. So to take the full advantage of this shopping mania, Nintendo is preparing to launch a Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS during the sale and more importantly these couple of limited edition versions of the 3DS is priced at only $99.99 each.

The Nintendo 3DS, one of the most popular gaming consoles of the recent time, usually comes with a hefty price tag of $200. But from 25th November, the console will be available for half of its price. Though the Japanese company has not announced yet when the sale will be over.

Quite naturally the Nintendo fans are very excited about the news and are eager to grab this opportunity with both hands. Apart from the price tag being slashed to half, this hand-held console has become rare these days; and that is also another reason the fans get excited.

According to Verge, the Nintendo 3DS console which will be up for the Black Friday Sale will come in white and black subtle prints of infamous images from the Super Mario game. Needless to say, the Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS will support 3D games. The console was first launched in 2010 and with time the company has improved the game’s 3D graphics with the help of 3DS’ facial tracking capability.

Nintendo is also trying to bring back the ‘retro’ theme and to capitalise on it. Thus the Japanese gaming giant is all set to release a miniature version of the iconic NES. Even the company is planning to throw an ’80s themed party to make people curious about the NES Classic Edition’s release.

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