Borderlands 3 Release Date: Are we closing in on an announcement?

Borderlands 3: For fans of the acclaimed Borderlands series, Borderlands 3 has long been a concept that has to come to fruition. This despite the fact that developers Gearbox has long been quiet about their plans for the third main addition to the series. However, Randy Pitchford assured us last year that planning  for Borderlands 3 was underway, and that this time around it would be massive. Though he did not provide us with a specific timeframe for when we can expect to see Borderlands 3, the Gearbox Founder and CEO did say that it would be the title to look forward to after Battleborn.

Borderlands 3

But Battleborn was released earlier this year, and it appears that we’re inching towards a big announcement from Gearbox about Borderlands 3. After Pitchford replied to a fan’s tweet a few days back with a tease about something new, the world has been going rampant over anticipation for a new Borderlands title. The fan in question enquired Pitchford about the possibility of a crossover between Gears of War and Duke Nukem, to which Pitchford said that the studio has something up its sleeve slated for reveal on December 1.

As we can see, Pitchford did not add any explicit details about what surprises the studio has in store. Incidentally, December 1 is the scheduled date for The Game Awards 2016, which is a giant platform for not only honouring the best video games of the year, but also for showcasing upcoming projects by reputed developers. So there is the chance that we may hear something about a brand new title from Gearbox on that day. Other speculations suggest that the news might also have to do with some of the existing titles from the developer, like a DLC, for instance. But while there are a number of things that Gearbox can announce on the big day, we have enough reasons to hope for an officialisation of Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Release Date

We can’t tell for sure what all this means in terms of Borderlands 3’s release date. But going by the assumption (we hope it turns into a certainty soon) that the upcoming game is announced on December 1, we could perhaps see Borderlands 3 landing on our consoles sometime around 2018. Another point to be noted is that Pitchford has already hinted that the upcoming title may not be named Borderlands 3 at all, so maybe we’re looking at the kind of title opted for by Respawn with its latest addition to the Mass Effect franchise. Or perhaps it will be something else entirely. All we know about Borderlands 3 at the moment is that the game will be playable on the Xbox One and the PS 4. Expect a whole new game this time with a bunch of cool new elements.


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