The Nintendo Switch Vs Xbox Scorpio: Which Console Will be the Better Bet?

Nintendo Switch Vs Xbox Scorpio: It has been a while since Nintendo introduced something special for its loyalists. It is no surprise, thus, that the Nintendo NX was the talk of the town before it was unveiled by the company officially as the Nintendo Switch. Since then, the talks have hardly died down, and constant comparisons to the existing consoles are being brought up by gamers around the world. But with some of the world’s best consoles to rival the Switch rumoured to be in the making already, the comparisons hardly seem justified. So here’s looking at how the Nintendo Switch gaming console compares with Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Scorpio or Xbox Two, as it is known elsewhere.

The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Vs Xbox Scorpio
Nintendo Switch.

Design and Aesthetics: Since its unveiling, the Nintendo Switch has raised quite a few eyebrows for its unique hybrid design that crosses a home console with a portable. The official launch of the Switch showcased its detachable controllers at the sides, which can be used quite simply to “switch” between playing on your television and taking it outside while continuing your game.

Functionality: The controllers of the Nintendo Switch come with some other really cool features. Most notably, each controller of the Nintendo Switch can be used for player vs player episodes on the single console. What this means is that players can be pitted against each other while playing on one console by pulling out the two controllers on the sides and using them as separate controllers. Of course, players will also be able to play other simply by setting a game up on different consoles.

Display and Graphics: The Nintendo Switch features a custom Tegra Chip from NVIDIA that will ensure the best possible performance from the Switch’s 7.0-inch display. It is assumed that the Nintendo Switch supports multitouch function, quite like Nintendo’s previous generation console, the Wii U.

Titles: Even before the Nintendo Switch was launched, some of the biggest developers in the gaming industry have been busy singing its praises. Since then it has pretty much been expected that the Switch will support a wide variety of titles. Among the names that Nintendo has tied up with for the next-gen hybrid console are Ubisoft, EA, Konami and Capcom. Ubisoft’s The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is one of the titles that was seen in the launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch, apart from Nintendo’s own The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario games. Basically, it looks like Nintendo fans will not be disappointed with the spread they are offered on their new console.

Nintendo Switch Release Date

Nintendo is aiming for a March 2017 release for its upcoming console. Although there have been speculations that the company may ultimately have to push back the date to a later time owing to a late start in development, the early 2017 window places the Nintendo Switch in an advantageous position among all the upcoming heavyweights like Sony’s PlayStation 4.5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Two. Both consoles are up for release sometime around the last quarter of 2017.

Nintendo Switch Price

Nintendo has not specified any particular plans for how they plan to price the upcoming console, but going by Nintendo’s earlier launches, the Nintendo Switch is expected to be priced somewhere around the $300 mark.

In conclusion, the Nintendo Switch is a novelty in the world of gaming for being the first major step towards making a device that promises seamless transition between being a home console and a portable player. It looks like Nintendo has thought about the device’s aspects pretty deeply and executed them in such a way as to afford the best of gaming along with the convenience of use. Taking all things into consideration, the Nintendo Switch is one console to look forward to.

Xbox Two (Project Scorpio)

Nintendo Switch Vs Xbox Scorpio
Xbox Two. Image courtesy: YouTube.

Though still tightly under wraps, it looks like Microsoft is going for gold with their hush-hush upcoming project. Going purely by speculation, the Xbox Two is already being hailed as a monster in the world of consoles owing to what Microsoft could bring into it. But it is to be kept in mind that official word is lacking when it comes to what has come to be known about the Xbox Two. However, the Xbox brand has been in existence since 2001, and we have seen how it has improved over the years by leaps and bounds. So let’s take a look at what features the Xbox Two could possibly come with.

Xbox Two (Project Scorpio) Features: If speculation is anything to go by, the Xbox Two, codenamed Project Scorpio will have enough meat on its bones to appeal to hardcore gamers. A previous report mulled over the possibilities of the new console arriving with a significant hike in its RAM specs. It also considered that the chances of 3D Stacked RAMs landing on the new Xbox Two were not to be thrown away either.

Coming to the hard drive space, the Xbox Two will come with several variants in terms of internal memory, much like the Xbox One S. Not only that, but sources claim that the Xbox Two will come integrated with the Shingled Magnetic Recording technology, which can allow for even larger hard drive specs than we have seen on consoles so far.

Xbox Two (Project Scorpio) Release Date

We know that Microsoft is planning to launch the Xbox Two sometime during the holiday season of 2017. As it is, the coming year will be huge in terms of technological launches and consoles especially will figure in a big way among those. The Xbox Two will compete with Nintendo’s Switch hybrid console as well as Sony’s upcoming PlayStaion Pro. How it will fare against those remains to be seen.

Xbox Two Price

Rumour has it that the Xbox Two will be one of the most expensive consoles that have been launched till date. According to reports, prices for the Xbox Two will travel upwards of $600, more than double the expected price of the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Vs Xbox Scorpio Verdict: Any comparison between the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Two is bound to be uneven. The Switch and the Xbox Scorpio are two completely different devices, and each has its own draws. The Nintendo Switch is a cross between a handheld and a home console, and its versatility is certain to score big with gamers worldwide. In terms of upgrades, Nintendo will leave no stones unturned to make up for the huge commercial losses incurred by the Wii U. The Xbox Two, on the other hand, is far from being a disappointment to gamers. From all that its creators have revealed so far, the machine is going to be one of the most powerful consoles on the market. The Xbox Two, on the other hand, is far from being a disappointment to gamers. From all that its creators have revealed so far, the machine is going to be one of the most powerful consoles on the market. But its prices might pose as a hindrance to buyers who are interested in experiencing all that the Xbox Two has to offer.

Both devices will come with support for some of the best games from well-known developers. But the Xbox Two’s prices might pose as a hindrance to buyers who are interested in experiencing all that the Xbox Two has to offer.

So all things considered, it is hard to pick a favourite between the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Two. By all means, we see no reason why you should not own them both, especially if you are stinking rich. If not, however, the Nintendo Switch seems like a pretty cool option.

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