Pandora Premium Special Subscription Offer at $10 per Month : Music Streaming Service To Be Rolled Out Next Year

Pandora has finally revealed Premium, its take on an on-demand music streaming service, designed to compete against the likes of the top music streaming services in the world today, Spotify and Apple Music. With several great offers in their official release next year including extensive library featuring million of songs, saving music offline, and ad-free streaming, Pandora Premium has included the much convenient functionality of  smart playlists that allow the users to add similar songs automatically.

Subscription to Pandora Premium is a must for users looking  to get music suggestions in the specific artists and albums and the service is being rolled out in an introductory special offer of $10-a month. Premium also features personalised search, which will give different users different results based on their listening history. The browse section is tailored to your tastes, including the new release section.


The app features a sleek and clean design and is pretty intuitive (and also inspired by Rdio). The colour of the app will also change based on the artwork of the music you’re playing. Premium still features the thumbs and radio stations that current Pandora users will be familiar with.

Pandora CEO Tim Westergren thinks the company has created the “first truly premium music service” and that “premium means personal.” Following that statement, he played a quick video showing off the main features of the service. If you’re already one of the 78 million users who streams Pandora every month, that listening data you have accumulated will become a part of the recommendation engine for Premium, allowing Pandora to offer up tunes it knows you’ll enjoy.

The company says Pandora Premium will begin rolling out to users early next year.

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