Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Image Reveals On-Screen Button

There has been absolutely no lack of rumors regarding the probable features of the upcoming flagship device from the house of Samsung. And with not many days left before the official launch of the device, news and updates regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 are flowing in from various reliable sources. The latest reveals a leaked image of the smartphone which has come up with some crucial information related to the design of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked image reveals the on-screen buttons Image Source

The leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has come up with the fact that the smartphone is going to sport an on-screen button instead of a physical button. Also, the crucial facts of which it has been mentioned earlier deals with the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come out on the market with very thin bezels. And this is something that the speculations have stated over the last few months. In fact, since the early days when very little information was known about the probable features of the smartphone, it has been stated that Samsung’s upcoming flagship handset will have the thinnest bezel.

Along with that, the leaked image of the smartphone which we are talking about also comes up with a clear indication that it will have rounded corners. This is something very much in line with the previously leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Going back to the display of the smartphone as revealed in the leaked image, we can see that there are three buttons that can be clearly seen. Those three buttons will perhaps be utilized as the Home Button, Overview button and the multitasking button.

A number of sensors are clearly visible on the topmost part of the smartphone. Also, what is not so clearly visible is the physical power button on the right-hand side of the smartphone. All that the alleged leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has revealed is very much in line with the previous rumors and the chances are high that this might just be the real image of the smartphone which is expected to hit the market on March 29 this year.

However, this might just not turn out to be the real image when the Samsung Galaxy S8 officially hits the market. We have seen this happening previously. So chances are there that this is one of those hoax photographs. But for the time being, this one seems to one of the legitimate images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

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