Google To Continue With Its Fish-y Line of Pixel Phones

In line with Google’s tradition of naming their new Pixel devices internally after freshwater fishes, rumours now suggest that the new Pixel 2 range is codenamed Muskie and Walleye. Not much is known about the new devices apart from what a source suggested to Android Police. The news also suggests that the new phones will be priced relatively high and will be Google’s answer to this year’s high-profile new Samsung and Apple launches.

A muskie

The public sighting came from Android Open Source Project gerrit which means that the new Google Pixel phones are definitely running on the Android platform. We can also inform you, but not confirm immediately, that the smaller Pixel device is codenamed Walleye and a larger Pixel device is called by Google as Muskie. Both the Muskie and the Walleye are freshwater fishes and continues a long tradition of naming Google’s flagship phones after marine animals. Interestingly, the codenames last year for the Pixel range of uber smartphones were Marlin and Sailfish.

Not much else is known about the new Pixel 2 range apart from the fact that they will be positioned as expensive smartphones with superior performance promised. This is extremely important because the fact remains that the Google Pixel range of phones still lagging behind the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7, these devices are yet to be household names. It is expected that the Pixel 2 range will ditch the headphone jack and will carry wireless headphone capabilities. If that turns out to be true, we are looking at a repeat of what Apple is doing this year with the new iPhone 8, alternatively called the iPhone Edition, its tenth-generation edition.

Some users and tech enthusiasts have speculated that the new Pixel 2 line will be waterproof because of the marine-themed codenames, a fact which should be looked at in a comic vein. We can neither confirm nor deny any features of the new Google Pixel 2 range. But we expect that the new phones will be launched by the end of the year.

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