USA all Set to Get Nokia Smartphones

It has been just a few weeks that we came to an end of the biggest event of the year in the world of technology where we have come across a number of smartphones from different brands across the world. One of the brands which has managed to grab the attention of most of the tech enthusiasts across the world is Nokia for they staged a comeback into the field after a long time with quite a number of incredible smartphones.

Nokia is expected to launch the smartphones in the USA markets as well

However, not consumers of all the countries across the world had the privilege to get hold of the newly launched smartphones from Nokia. And among those which did not get the smartphones from Nokia, USA was one of the names. The news that has surfaced of late comes up with the information that the smartphones lately launched by Nokia will be available in North America shortly. Nokia initially launched the smartphones for the Chinese markets and promised that the smartphone would be made available globally. And it seems that Nokia is all set to keep their promise. Along with making the smartphone available for the US markets, Nokia will make it available for the Taiwan markets as well. In fact, it has been reported that Nokia will launch their smartphones in as many as 120 markets. And not only Nokia 6, but all the other Android devices including the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 are going to be a part of that. In a statement, the company has been quoted saying, “HMD has ambitious plans to release Nokia 3, 5 and 6 in 120 markets at the same time in Q2 2017. This is ambitious because HMD is de facto a start-up, though it has support from Nokia and Foxconn.”

Nokia incidentally came up with a number of smartphones during the MWC 2017 which took place at Barcelona in Spain. Nokia 6 has been the most popular of all the smartphones that have been launched from the house of Nokia and it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor under the hood coupled with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. It has a price tag of 229 Euro which is 242 USD approximately.

So it remains to be seen how things eventually turn out to be in the future. It will be really great to see Nokia making a strong ground for itself once again in the field of mobile phones in which it held the top position not many days back. It is getting really intriguing for all the tech enthusiasts across the world.

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