New Overwatch Insurrection Video Teases More Than Just Dates

Blizzard’s new Overwatch event had recently been teased by the studio, but we didn’t have much information about it other than the fact that it would kickstart on April 11, that is, today. Now thanks to a new leaked video on PlayStation France’s YouTube channel, we know what it might be all about, and for how long the event will be live.


According to the new video, the new Overwatch event, called Insurrection, will take place between April 11 and May 1. Though the event trailer itself is in French, sources say that it aims to take players back in time by seven years to “relive one of the key moments in the history of Overwatch.” In it, we can see several Overwatch characters team up to fight a horde of enemies.

The mission will have players accompany Tracer and her allies like Mercy and Torbjorn to fight against the Omnics during the period of the King’s Row Insurrection. There will be a focus on the origin of some of the most popular Overwatch heroes. There is also a bunch of cool new outfits and other brand new elements to look forward to, including new “skins, intro screens, emotes, tags,” and a lot more (via Gamespot). The description says that there will be more than a hundred new items waiting to be explored, and we can already feast our eyes on the blue fully equipped outfits as well as the awesome Blackwatch outfits for some of the characters in the trailer. A whole lot of other skins are showed off too, so all in all, it looks like the Overwatch Insurrection event will be huge.

Blizzard has been rolling out Overwatch updates regularly since the game launched in May last year. Recently, the creator added a new Tank-type character, Orisa, to its roster. Orisa is also seen in the leaked trailer above, sporting a brand new skin. Custom maps may also be on the way for Overwatch, but you might have to wait a while before a map editor finds its way into the game.

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