Want to win prizes predicting the future? Play The Future is the app for that!

A new app has hit the trivia and quiz gaming market that I predict is sure to make a splash. It’s called Play the Future and it is bringing the ever-so-popular entertainment of Fantasy Sports to a variety of topics.

Play the Future works by letting players make predictions about trending and everyday subject matters. The reward? Points, prestige, and real-world weekly prizes.

 “We offer everything from $5.00 coffee cards (for our speed-played Lightning Rounds) to gift cards to bestselling books to clothing to cash to $1,000,000. That said, the prizes aren’t the main motivation for playing; PTF players usually cite the need to compete against others and prove their smarts to rank above prizing.” says Parisa Foster, President of Play the Future.

In fact, every Monday players can test their smarts with the special in-app event called “Million Dollar Mondays,” where they are asked seven questions, and if they get any five of the seven spot on with 100% accuracy, they win $1,000,000.

Just this week, PTF is running a prediction tournament about The Fate of the Furious, the 8th installment of the Furious franchise, for a chance to win movie gift cards. The catch? Players were competing against senior entertainment executives and film prediction experts, Mitch Metcalf and Mitch Salem of ShowbuzzDaily.com.

Questions consisted of box office totals, comparisons, audience ratings, critical reactions, and even questions about Dominic Torreto’s Dodge Charger.

Andy Nulman CEO of Play The Future tells Techvicity, “PTF works because the act of predicting is inherent in our DNA; people crack open fortune cookies, read horoscopes and lay down bets; in essence, people are fascinated with the future. PTF exploits this by taking the “data democratization” principles that have driven the exponential rise of the fantasy sport sector and applies them to a wider consumer audience who make predictions on everything from news, showbiz, politics, the weather, business, hobbies and passions…even well-known consumer brands. It’s easy and accessible; you don’t need to be an expert in anything to predict the future.”   

Nulman explains that the app is only one part of the overall PTF prediction ecosystem. They foresee PTF expanding to include TV, print, radio, YouTube, and out-of-home integration.

PTF can play anything: massive conventions, concerts, sales conferences, fundraisers, special events…remember,“if it can be measured, it can be played.”

To predict the future visit: Play The Future

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