Daydream Keyboard Will Now Support More Languages

The Daydream Keyboard is all set to support more languages. Such an initiative will surely support more users and their personal preferences as well. In the latest update, an application which Google has started to store on the official Play Store will also help in supporting newer languages. The Play Store listing page for the Daydream Keyboard can be seen under the What’s New section. Google has stated on its page that a total of seven new languages will be added to the list.Singapore English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese Simplified, Danish, and Dutch. As an added bonus, users can unselect all of the languages and the keyboard will auto-default to whatever language you have set for your system, which in this case would be the connected Daydream-compatible smartphone, like the Google Pixel or other similar devices.

Daydream Keyboard
Daydream Keyboard

The list of newer languages now supported includes Singapore English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese Simplified, Danish, and Dutch. Besides, users can also unselect all of these languages while the keyboard will auto-default to the language that has been preset for the system. The list of supported devices will include Google Pixel or Pixel XL.

There is also a couple of newer and better changes which are also part of the update. Google has stated that the layout meant for punctuation marks has also been updated. Since it is true that many users do not perceive the punctuation layout according to the other users, this change may be subtle in certain cases while in certain cases, the change may be greater than expected.

Two other smaller changes are also on the cards as well. One of these two minor changes which have been introduced with this update is a fix for the toggle button, which Google has publicly stated is an update which will not be visible at first glance but will also be useful.

Besides, the Daydream application itself as also received some updates for safety and security as well. Check Out the best Budget keyboards.

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