Fuze Card: a Smart Card to Store All Your Credit, Debit, and Loyalty Cards

Smart credit cards do not have the best reputation. One of the most popular smart cards, Plastc, raised over $9 million from their crowdfunding campaign in 2014, only to announce at the end of April that they would not be able to follow through on the product and closed up shop entirely. While many thought smart cards were simply too good to be true, a new card has entered the scene on Indiegogo, but this time it guarantees to be the real deal.

Fuze Card: Now Available on Indiegogo

BrilliantTs is a company founded in 2012, comprised of a team of engineers who developed optical trackpads for Blackberry. Years of development experience and technological expertise have made this team of innovators the only crew with the ability to provide a production-ready smart card. While other developers have tried and failed to deliver a functioning product, the BrilliantTs engineering team has already succeeded. As a result, BrilliantTs is currently the only company that has brought a smart card model into beta testing with full ISO/FCC certification.

After spending tens of thousands of hours on development, we have recently finished hardware development and are finally able to reveal what we have worked so hard on for past few years. Some may have been jaded by past empty promises, but the main reason we waited so long until we revealed Fuze was because we wanted to show a fully developed product at launch,” says CEO Jaehun Bae.

Their product, the Fuze card, is now available on Indiegogo and has raised over $95,000 in the first few hours.

The Fuze card is a compact smart card that can store up to 30 credit, debit, and loyalty cards on one encrypted chip and is equipped with advanced security features. At a sleek 0.03 inches thick, Fuze can essentially replace your entire wallet, or at least the bulk of it.

Fuze works anywhere traditional plastic cards are accepted, supporting Magstrip, EMV, NFC, and barcode cards. If you’re worried about security, all payment information is stored onto the smart chip, and never to the app or an external server; but it doesn’t stop there. If you ever get separated from your Fuze card, BrilliantTs has incorporated an auto-lock feature, which activates and sends a separation notification as soon as the card is a certain distance from the owner. Additional security features include Bluetooth authentication, standard PIN codes, remote data wipes, and location tracking features, which are available in the app.

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