Pokemon: Magikarp Jump for Android and iOS Lets Players Make Good Use of the Magical Fish Pokemon

You may not be a huge fan of Magikarp, the commonly found and mostly ineffectual fish Pokemon, but the latest mobile game to have rolled out from The Pokemon Company, Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, may show you just how to have fun in your free time with none other than Magikarp itself. Don’t worry, for there will be other Pokemon for company, too.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump has just been launched across some areas of Europe, Asia, and North America, and it encourages players to catch, feed, and raise a jumping champion out of their Magikarp. In the process, you will be surprised by differently patterned Magikarp besides the traditional orange and yellow one and their jumping abilities as they continue to level up. There will be several different methods to train your Magikarp, each designed for the composite betterment of your Pokemon’s jumping abilities.

When you think your Magikarp is ready, you can pitch it against another in a competition to see which can jump higher and with the most impact. You will need to start over if your Magikarp levels out, but with a stronger, more able new-generation creature. There are a lot of other fun elements as well, such as live commentary, thrown into the mix to make it feel like a real competition. You also have the opportunity to decorate your own pond to raise your Magikarp in. But beware, there will be elements that might prove hazardous to your creature. However, there will be a nice crop of popular Pokemon for Magikarp to befriend, who can also affect its growth positively. In fact, you will be rewarded with a new friendly Pokemon every time you ace a league.

Pokemon-oriented games have hit it big with mobile gamers in the past, as can clearly be seen in the wildly successful Pokemon GO. While in-app purchases are an option in Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, the base game is free to play. It is currently available on the Apple iTunes Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android.

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