VEIU Smart Video Doorbell Gives Peace of Mind For When You’re Not Home

If there is one smart home product that every person should have, it’s a video doorbell. In this day, being able to keep an eye on your home is incredibly important if you’d like to prevent robberies, catch suspicious activity, and of course never miss a delivery. I don’t know how many times I’ve had a package “delivered” only to come home to see absolutely nothing on my steps. Worry no more — VEIU is here!

VEIU is a smart video doorbell that allows people to keep an eye on their home from anywhere in the world, at any time. In only a few weeks, the campaign has raised over $200,000 and I can understand why.

At first glance, VEIU is one of the most attractive smart doorbells I’ve seen on the market. The device comes in an gorgeous copper or champagne color and will be sure to give your front door an extra touch of class.

VEIU combines motion sensor technology with a 720p camera and a 180 degree wide angle lens and can record in both day and night with IR night vision. VEIU uses a home Wi-Fi connection to stream video to devices for safety and security, but what separates this doorbell from others is its ability to continue taking snapshots if WiFi should ever fail. The device is equipped with internal storage, giving it the ability to save more than 10,000 snapshots when offline.

No matter the location, the Eques App allows owners of VEIU to view a live preview of their front steps right from their smartphone. VEIU will send live alerts as soon as it detects motion and users can speak directly to the person through the two-way mic. Further, if anything seems suspicious, users can take a snapshot of the person at their front door to potentially send to law enforcement.

VEIU also comes with a 5” Touchscreen LCD accessory that is friendly for children and seniors. VEIU is completely functional without the app, and the monitor is incredibly easy to set up, use, and save video clips. The LCD comes with 2GB of internal memory and 2 months of battery life.


With free cloud storage and no monthly subscriptions, VEIU is a top-choice if you’re looking for a smart video doorbell.

Pre-order VEIU here

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