Want an Immersive VR Glove Experience? Try The CaptoGlove

For want of a better VR experience, many users have lost interest in the VR gaming revolution. The latest addition to the VR Glove bandwagon is the CaptoGlove, which is an actual wearable made of fine cloth. Originally, the CaptoGlove company received its first big break when its products were used by medical and rehabilitation professionals as a tool for physical therapy about five years ago for patients with limited mobility. Now, with the aid of advanced software, it is possible to have the ultimate VR gaming experience as well.

The new CaptoGlove VR Glove

Just one more bit of trivia about the new CaptoGlove VR Glove: it has been used by the air force to train its pilots as well. This VR glove will also be supported by Google’s Daydream and Cardboard platforms besides the Samsung Gear VR platform. The glove looks sleek and is made of cloth designed by world famous Italian manufacturer Reusch. The cloth has special software embedded which allows the device to sense the current positions of the hands and fingers so as to adapt to the VR scenario.

The gloves will connect via Bluetooth and will also feature remappable functions, which can be used to control at will any game whether it is on mobile or PC. The games need not be VR in nature at well. Also on the way is the SDK which will allow third party developers to find and create entirely newer uses for the CaptoGlove both in and out of the VR regime.

How The CaptoGlove Device Works

The new VR glove has to be pointed at the gaming objective in mind which then transforms to the rifle or any other gaming tool. Reports suggest that the new R glove is compatible with PC-based VR systems and mobile devices, which makes it the first commercially available VR glove to hit the mobile world. This VR glove will also be useful to those who use apps like RiftCat or Trinus to play their PC games in VR, as suggested by this report. Any Cardboard-compliant piece can also use the CaptoGlove. While there is the issue of the SDK which has yet to be released, gaming will obviously be limited to remapped normal controls. For your perusal, we have included an impressive display of the device’s functionality on the Crysis 3 gameplay below. It is very likely that when the SDK releases, developers may start embracing the CaptoGlove. It is also likely that both mobile and PC-based VR games will benefit from the new VR glove.

The new CaptoGlove will be officially released on May 21. Currently, it is up for preorder at $40 off per glove, it will come for $415 or a pair, which boils down to $210 for one glove. Watch the device in action below.

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