Google Pixel And Nexus Smartphone Users May Use Non-Beta Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung may have just extended an olive branch to the Google Pixel and the Google Nexus devices as it opens up the possibilities of using its latest software to users who use Google’s devices. In a nutshell, Samsung has introduced its own Internet browser, albeit in a non-beta form. This was extended until recently to the Samsung devices themselves. Now, Google Pixel and Google Nexus users too can use this modern browser.

Samsung’s Internet Browser now on Google devices

The non-beta Samsung Internet Browser is built on the open-source Chromium platform and is very similar to the architecture of the Google Chrome browser. However, the new browser is very different as far as the design and the behaviour are concerned.

Till now, the Samsung Internet Browser was reserved only for their Galaxy devices. Until now, non-Galaxy devices were only able to access the beta version of this app. It is only now that a full version of this browser has been made available to Google Pixel and Nexus devices as well. This stable build also offers some new and wholesome features, some of which are totally unique.  Pixel and Nexus phones running Android 5.0 or latest version can download this stable build of Samsung internet browser. This app is made available in Google Play Store and if you own any of the Google devices, then you can download it easily as if you are the Galaxy owners.

For Pixel and Nexus phone owners who wish to use the Samsung Internet Browser, only devices running Android 5.0 or later version can download this stable build. The app, remember, is also available on the Google Play Store. If you own any of these Google devices, you can easily download the Internet Browser.

Some of the newest features include ones which are not present in Chrome; these include the floating Quick Menu button which can be used to change font sizes or open new tabs. It can also share web pages easily besides being designed to support DuckDuckGo. This is a privacy-focused search engine where content is king. Also on offer is a new Web Payments API whose inclusion is explained as designed to make Shopping on the web more secure and safer. This app will also integrate Amazon Shopping Assistant and Video Assistant which will help you find the hottest deals on Amazon.

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