LAER is the Laptop Sleeve of Your Dreams

As a writer, sitting home on my desktop doesn’t always help to ignite my inspiration and creativity. Instead, I love picking new spots to take my laptop. However, whether I’m on a park bench or in a coffee shop, there is one problem I tend to run into a lot — battery power. With no outlets in sight, I’m forced to head back home, kicking myself that I didn’t charge up first. Luckily, a new Indiegogo Campaign went live today, offering a solution to this dilemma and more.

Designed by London-based company ARROE, LAER (pronounced ‘layer’) is a bluetooth enabled laptop sleeve that both protects and charges your laptop. But that’s not all. LAER is also built with charging capabilities for USB and wireless devices.

Within LAER is a thin rectangular insert featuring one Quick Charge USB A port, one QI wireless charging pad, one DC output, and two USB-C in/out ports with variable voltage and dual-role capabilities. With ARROE’s power path technology, LAER’s internal battery can be charged from one outlet and at the same time, simultaneously charge all of your devices. Furthermore, LAER’s cartridge system is designed so that you can easily switch between the 5,000 and 20,000 mAh battery cartridges, thereby choosing the amount of power and weight you carry on a day-to-day basis. No more messy wires, adapters, or charging accessories. All of this is delivered in one sleek package.

Speaking of sleek, I’ve never seen a laptop sleeve quite like this one. Durable and lightweight, LAER is made from water-resistant nylon fabric with a dense foam padding to protect your laptop from impact and scratches. A two-magnet system allows you to quickly access your device and switch between charging and resting modes. For those who want a little more, the “TRAVELLER” perk includes a sling bag specifically designed to carry LAER and charge your phone from the front pocket.

In addition, you never have to worry about losing your new LAER case. ARROE has partnered with TrackR, so that you always know where your case is if you happen to misplace it. Use ARROE’s app to locate LAER, monitor battery levels, change voltage settings, and control all of the ports. No other power bank or charging solution on the market offers these features or convenience.

Because of its modular design, the LAER insert can be easily removed and inserted into any other sleeve or bag designed to accommodate it. No need to worry about the product becoming dated – simply upgrade to any accessory from an ARROE-partner brand and keep all the functionality with a new look.

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