New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases Confirm Fingerprint Sensor Location

Cases have always been a great way to get information beforehand about upcoming devices; now if only they were as reliable as we wanted them to be. However, the ‘case’ seems to be different with the Galaxy Note 8. While we are still a while away from reaching the phablet’s August release date, Olixar has put up some of their protective covers for the Note 8 for pre-order on MobileFun.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
A newly revealed Galaxy Note 8 case by Olixar

While the question that immediately arises is authenticity, Olixar has a track record of accuracy to consider as this report from Forbes, whom Olixar had reached out to with the new Note 8 cases, points out. The important thing about cases in general is that they give clear ideas about two things- the size of the smartphone, and what the rear will look like. With the current crop of Galaxy Note 8 cases, it is evident that they confirm a couple of things that were already suspected.

Besides confirming the mammoth size of the device, the new Note 8 cases have also confirmed the odd placement of the fingerprint scanner that is, unfortunately, making its way back into Samsung‘s next high-end flagship. This despite the fact that this location is considered to be one of the biggest drawbacks of the Galaxy S8 that came out earlier in the year. While the upcoming Note device was earlier rumored to come with an in-display fingerprint scanner, it has been reported that Samsung’s testing have not yielded fully successful results till now. That along with the fact that the company has pushed up the Galaxy Note 8 release date up to August means that they might have simply run out of time, thus compelling them to go back to the decision Samsung fell back on for the Galaxy S8.

Recently leaked design renders had also shown that the fingerprint sensor would be placed right next to the dual-camera module in the Galaxy Note 8, but going by the new report, perhaps the new cases are cold hard proof of the fact that this uncomfortable positioning will prevail at least until we get to the next year.

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