Samsung Gear S3 Will Soon Have Spotify Tunes Offline

If you are a proud owner f a Samsung Gear S3 and you are asked what your smartwatch has that no other similar device ha, you can now say that your gadget has Spotify offline support. That’s correct: the Gear S3 smartwatch is set to be the first smartwatch with the ability to play Spotify tunes offline. To do this, you simply need the Spotify add-on app for the smartwatch. you can get it via the Gear Manager app on your paired Samsung smartphone.

Spotify has always been a part of the Gear family, with the association starting in the Gear S2 iteration. Now, it comes to the very neat Gear S3 smartwatch as well. Also, the Gear S3 may be the first smartwatch to be the connectivity smartwatch between the devices.

Samsung Gear S3
The Samsung Gear S3

However, the Spotify app may not remain exclusive to the Samsung Gear S3 for long, as the music app is being developed for the Apple Watch as well. You can also save playlists, songs, and albums on your Gear S3. Without the need to be connected to any smartphone whatsoever. This means that the morning walks you take with your Gear S3 on just got a whole lot sweeter.

For now, at least, the Samsung Gear S3, which runs on the Tizen OS, has the distinction of being the only smartwatch to be able to play Spotify tunes offline. The Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches too had a similar functionality designed specifically for Google Play Music; however, the Spotify app for AW lacks the offline feature.

Because the Apple Watch may soon get the offline functionality, the Spotify team has yet to declare the functionality as far as the Samsung Gear S3 is concerned.

We are not very sure how many Gear S3 users can access this feature as of no, however, as the Korean giant had initially announced offline playback for the Gear S3 in Swedish, something which was quickly pulled down. If you have a device which can run the offline functionality, do let us know.

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