Top 5 Best Bootstrap Themes of 2017: Here is Your Handy Guide

When it comes to bootstrap themes, it must be mentioned that there is no dearth of options. Many creative bootstrap themes are available, some for free, while some come for a price. Simply put, the bootstrap themes are HTML5 and CSS3 framework which provides very good pre-fabricated themes for websites, both for mobile devices as well as for other devices. We will discuss the top five best bootstrap themes of 2017.

  • Template Monster: When it comes to creative bootstrap templates, there is no other creator which comes more to mind other than Template Monster. It offers a complete range of such themes which makes it a joy to use as well. Whether you have a fashion designing website or a proactive team responsive to queries, this site will cater to all of your needs. Besides, these themes will also be SEO-friendly and will have 24/7 customer service for you as well.
  • Hyperspace bootstrap theme: Hyperspace is also a very good bootstrap theme which is useful for any type of website design. It provides a decent outlook and the interface is clearly meant for data-heavy sites. The website which will ultimately be designed will be optimized for mobile and desktop devices as well.
Hyperspace theme for WordPress
  • Housepress Grid WordPress Theme: This is a great free theme meant for WordPress sites. This bootstrap design is proof that such themes are not merely for HTML/CSS sites; it can also be used for dynamic sites. For a more content-rich site, this is an excellent site and is also great for freelance designers.
  • Jstore: This is a very decent entry into our list and is meant for sites which have a great amount of multimedia content. Also notable is the fact that it comes highly recommended for WordPress theme which supports the WooCommerce plugin. In particular, this theme is meant for a minimalistic outlook.
  • Virtue WordPress Theme: This bootstrap WordPress theme is famous for being able to support more images, both still and moving, while still being mobile friendly. Also, this theme is specially designed for customizations and has the SEO-friendly Schema micro data.

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