Cloud Token Q&A with Asaf Zamir, Founder & CTO of

Yesterday, we introduced Cloud Token to our readers, a next generation cryptocurrency that ushers in an evolution of the internet’s infrastructure to provide low cost, decentralized peer-to-peer internet cloud services. With less than 24 hours remaining before the launch of their public crowdsale, we wanted to speak one-on-one with Asaf Zamir, the founder and CTO of to get some more details.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Cloud Token?

Asaf: The Tokens facilitate the transition to a decentralized cloud. The decentralized cloud is a natural evolution of our product at

Q: Who do you think would benefit the most from being apart of the “Cloud Crowd?” and why?

Asaf: We’re talking about the entire spectrum here:

  • Heavy cloud-dependent enterprises would gain long-term because their infrastructure budget will be substantially reduced (we’re talking about 94% reduction long term, that changes the entire cloud Industry as we know it).
  • SMEs would have greater control over where their data and computation is being done (on top of the aforementioned price reduction)
  • SMEs & individuals in developing countries will no longer have any barriers to enter the cloud economy.

Q: Can you explain how Cloud Token works for someone who is not familiar with cryptocurrency?

Asaf: Right now Cloud Tokens are a currency you will be able to exchange, and redeem for cloud services at 50% off the price you would’ve paid if you went directly to the providers. In the near future Cloud Tokens will be the de facto currency to use in order to purchase Cloud Services (not only from, as well as the smart currency that would spread across the decentralized cloud, compensating the participants for the computation+storage they contributed.

Q: What are your immediate plans for when the token sale closes?

Asaf: Enabling the payment of Tokens for Cloud Services at 50%, initializing development of the decentralized technology while engaging with the growing micro-economy (i.e. keeping a feedback loop with the community).

Q: Anything else you would want to share with our readers?

Asaf: I think it’s critical for people to understand how crucial is the decentralization movement right now. To keep the Internet in good shape, we cannot continue to have a handful of players control everything. Blockchain technology allows us to finally have a global network that is not owned by the few, and for those who believe in this future, we welcome you to join us and make it a reality.

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