Instagram Story Introduces Celebration Stickers

Social communication has become one of the significant entertainment in this fast-paced world. While Facebook owned Instagram has already turned one, it is further noticeable that the app is now giving an introduction to stories similar to that of Snapchat’s. A couple of days ago, on Instagram’s birthday, the photo-sharing application appeared with the allowance of the Snapchat-like Stories feature.

Instagram Turns One on August 2

With Instagram stories, fans have been fortunate to share things of their likeness in a more convenient manner. And adding the Snapchat-like feature, the company gestured to celebrate its first birthday anniversary. Instagram developers of this particular feature reportedly claimed to increase the amount of users’ time on spending their time on the Instagram platform.

Ever since its inception, Instagram has conveniently developed 20 new features with the addition of the Boomerang feature, @mention, face filters, so on and so forth. Of note, the giant also launched a sticker pack alongside the feature for users. While there are 250 million users who access with the app on a daily basis, the ones older than 25 years spend almost an average of 24 minutes a day. However, the global strength of Instagram users is more than 700 million.

Adding to it, the company has also enhanced the Stories feature in order to convey a universal creative platform in terms of images and videos. Even the sales number of Instagram business has got a direct impact with the arrival of the Story feature. As the reports go, we have gathered that the Story feature was produced by more than 50% of the business. Of note, we have also gathered that 20% of the organic stories have received “a direct message” from the businesses.

On the day of Instagram’s birthday, the Instagram experts have rolled out various stickers and stories in order to “to give our community more ways to celebrate any milestone with friends and family.

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