Samsung Galaxy A (2018) Series Likely to Feature An Infinity Display

If the latest news and reports are anything to go by, the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy A series of devices, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy A (2018) may likely have the Infinity Display, where the edges are rounded and the bezels are minimized to provide a seamless viewing experience. This type of display has, until now, been reserved for the flagship smartphones.

We have previously reported on the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018). The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) was recently spotted on the GFXBench. A tweet from @mmddj_china, which you can find here, was the first to inform that the Infinity Display feature would migrate to the new range of smartphones.

Now, we do not know whether the new range of device will come with an increased screen resolution. However, we do expect that the new range will come with a QHD 1440p display. Such a display will be a bonus for what has otherwise been a not-too-noticeable range of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy A 2018
The new Samsung Galaxy A (2018)

The Infinity Display effect is achieved when the top, bottom, and the side bezels are reduced down to a minimum. The screen aspect ratio is increased marginally and the edges of the display are rounded. This makes for a better viewing quality. Until now, this feature has been emulated by multiple rival manufacturers under different names.

From what we know, the new Samsung Galaxy A (2018) series will have a dual-edge curved display which is set to make the viewing experience that much better. Such a feature may also help raise the price tag a notch higher but there is no word on the price tag just yet.

Since the Galaxy A and Galaxy C series of smartphones are likely to arrive with dual rear cameras, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy A (2018) series too will have the same feature on board. Stay tuned for further updates.

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