Lenovo launches ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop: Here are the Essentials

Headquartered in Beijing, Lenovo is a renowned multinational tech company to manufacture computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops and so on. Being one of the largest personal computer vendors around the globe since 2013, the tech firm keeps everything intact in order to remain at the peak. Today, our news consists of Lenovo’s recently launched ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop. After an entire 23 years of its ThinkPad laptop, Lenovo brings this laptop dubbed the ThinkPad Retro as a mode of celebration for the company.

Lenovo ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop Launched

Lenovo ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop Key Specs and Features

The most appealing feature of the device is its seven-row keyboard alongside standard (non-chiclet) keys. In the design philosophy, it features dedicated volume buttons, the classic blue Enter key, status LEDs, and a multi-colored ThinkPad logo. In addition to it, the device also has the special Anniversary Edition packaging. Under the hood, the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop houses an Intel Core i7-7500U CPU. Also, there’s a Nvidia GeForce 940MX GPU alongside 512GB SSD and 16GB of RAM. In addition to it, the device reportedly sports a 14-inch full-HD touchscreen. Other features also include Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi ac, a Thunderbolt 3 port, dual mics, and stereo speakers. Weighing about 1.6kg, ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop comes with a battery life of 13.9 hours.

Lenovo ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop Price and Availability

In 2015, Chief Design Officer of Lenovo, David Hill, shared the idea of bringing the traditional design of their devices that were dropped over the years. We are two years ahead of the blog post held in 2015 and much to the delight of fans, this retro ThinkPad turns out to be the Anniversary-exclusive product from Lenovo. Lenovo launched the original ThinkPad 700C on October 5, 1992. And since then over 130 million units have been sold out. Lenovo ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 Laptop is priced at $1,899 which is approximately Rs. 1,23,600.

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