Oppo F5 Coming on October 26: Details

If the latest reports are correct, the upcoming Oppo phone, the Oppo F5, will launch on the 26th of this month.We have recently reported that the Oppo F5 will be a selfie-centric phone with dual selfie cameras. Since this is a top-end offering, we believe that this will be a blessing in disguise for people who are fans of the selfies. The F series is the next generation of Oppo phones and the F5 is a leading phone in the series.

The news that the Oppo F5 is announced in the Philippines was first announced on their Facebook page. The fact that the device is being launched on the 26 of October indicates that the Oppo F5 is one of the flagship devices of the company.

Oppo F5 teaser
The teaser as seen on Facebook of the Oppo F5

The new Oppo device has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, besides a single rear camera and, in a nod to the selfie-centered nature of the end user, it has dual front cameras. There are a lot of rumors and speculations about the new phone. For example, we had covered its bezel-less nature. Other specs include the 6-inch FHD+ display that has an aspect ratio of 18:9. Such an aspect ratio is a prominent aspect of many such phones and is ideal for watching widescreen movies. Besides, this new Oppo phone may have a 20MP main camera on the rear which will work in tandem with the LED flash.

While there is no concrete information at this moment, the front cameras may have either dual 12MP or dual 16MP cameras. Such cameras will likely have very impressive selfies along with bokeh effect and a lot more features.

Besides the camera features, the other aspects of the new Oppo F5 are decidedly mid-range. We expect that there will be on board either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, or a Snapdragon 630, or even a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC. However, we do not have any firm indication of either. Whatever the SoC may be, it will work in tandem with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM. The phone is believed to have 64GB of default memory capacity built in.

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