Unolabo Skillmarket – The job search tool for the next generation of workers

As the labor market approaches 3.5 billion people by the year 2030, young laborers face an issue of growing income inequality and unemployment. While this is imminent, job search platforms and apps are ill-prepared. But Unolabo, an international team of architects and developers, is committed to finding and solving these problems before they become a crises. The team is now taking the necessary steps to solve these labor issues for the next generation of workers with their new Unolabo Skillmarket.

Using blockchain technology, Unolabo’s Skillmarket provides a closed global job search platform, which allows users to advertise on an unlimited number of existing skills while simultaneously learning and mastering new ones. Users on the Skillmarket will be able to report their experiences and provide real-time data on places and providers who value their specific skills.

“No matter who you are – a schoolboy, a porter or a high-qualified programmer, you have a set of skills that you can offer to the global labor market. Everybody on the planet should know where their skills are in high demand,” says Timur Galiev, Founder.

Using this information, skilled workers and professionals can easily find the areas and businesses who most value their abilities, make the best deals for their services,  and get paid through safe-deal fiat currency or secure cryptocurrency transactions with low commission fees based on Ethereum smart-contract.

Unolabo has successfully launched a working alpha in Asian markets and is gathering skills-value data for millions of users. The team is also sharing all their acquired data following their successful launch in Asian markets with non-profit organization focusing on global labor market issues.

Unolabo’s (UNLB) Token Sale is live now with 45 days remaining.

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