Xolo Launches Three New Phones in India: Era 3X, Era 2V, And Era 3

Xolo smartphones has launched three new phones in the budget conscious Indian smartphone market. These three new smartphones are the Xolo Era 3X, the Era 2V, and the Era 3. All three smartphones have been designed keeping selfie users in mind. Xoo is known for launching pretty decent devices at lower-than-average costs without cutting corners. Let us take a look at the three new phones.

Xolo Era 3X Specs and Features

The new Xolo Era 3X boasts of a 5.0-inch screen with a 720p display. This new device also comes with a 2.5D curved glass with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on top for extra protection. The phone has 3GB of RAM on board which works in tandem with 16GB of storage. At the rear is a 13-megapixel camera while on the front too is a 13-megapixel camera along with flash. The new Era 3X comes with a fingerprint sensor and is powered by a pretty decent 3,000mAh battery. The price tag is Rs 7499 (approximately $115).

Xolo Era 2V Specs and Features

The Xolo Era 2V is also an entry-level phone. It has a similar 5.0-inch 720p display and boasts 2GB of RAM which will work with 16GB of native storage. The new Xolo Era 2V has a 13-megapixel camera on the rear complementing an 8-megapixel front camera armed with a flash. The 2V also has a fingerprint sensor while there is a 3000mAh battery powering the device. The 2V comes for Rs 6499 (or $99).

Xolo 3X
The new Xolo 3X

Xolo Era 3 Specs and Features

The Xolo Era 3 is the last in the range and is perhaps the most basic of the trio. It has onboard a 5-inch 720p display which is good considering that the device has 1GB RAM and 8GB of native storage. The device has an 8-megapixel camera on the rear besides the 5-megapixel front camera with a flash. The phone comes with a pretty decent 2500mAh battery and is available for Rs 4999 (or $76).

All three new phones by Xolo will go up for pre-orders starting October 14. You can order them exclusively by Flipkart.

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