Ambrane Launches WH11 Foldable Headphones for Rs 2,999

Ambrane, which is a pretty popular company as far as audio devices are concerned, has decided to release the new WH11 foldable headphones with a long-lasting battery charge for Rs 2,999. Nowadays, such headphones have immense appeal to many technophiles and it is believed that Ambrane has launched this device to cash in on that demand.

Ambrane claims that this new headphone is also ideal for use on the go and is recommended for fitness enthusiasts. It is usable on runs and in sports thanks to the soft cushion it provides which absorbs sweat and is ideal for use outdoors.

The new Ambrane WH11 comes with the new Noise Isolation feature which makes listening to music personal once again and also more enjoyable. Ambrane has also lined up the WH11 passive noise blocking headphones with a lot of layers of foam serving two purposes: it will absorb the sound and will make for better listening pleasure while also making the headphones that much more soft.

Ambrane WH 11
The new Ambrane WH11 headphones

The specs and features of the Ambrane WH11 are decent. It boasts Neodymium magnets which make for extended speaker life. The Ambrane WH11 runs on the latest Bluetooth 4.0 which again serves two purposes: it offers better connectivity and also provides uninterrupted music listening hassle-free.

The new Ambrane product also features volume rockers which provide easier access to volume control without actually handling or picking up the device while in the midst of playing music. As of now, Ambrane will make these devices available for sale in both offline and online channels. The price tag has been kept at a pretty handy Rs. 2,999.

Ambrane is an Indian company and it will seek to utilize its existing market infrastructure to help the promotion of its products and fuel sales. Ambrane has been in the news recently for producing good-quality devices at inexpensive rates.

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