GNation, a Global Community for Gamers, Announces GShare and GPlay

GNation, an alliance of companies and global community for gamers, is on a mission to unite all gamers and game developers around the world and give them the recognition they deserve. Now, CEO of GameCredits and President of GNation, Sergey Sholom, has announced the launch of two new products aimed to disrupt the industry — GShare and GPlay.

GShare is a desktop app that turns gamer’s computers into a source of income by harnessing the power of the shared economy. Whenever you are not playing, GShare allows you to put your unused PC power to work and get rewarded for it in GameCredits, the blockchain-based universal currency of Nation and virtual wallet.

How does it work? Behind the scenes, your CPU and GPU will perform calculations used for transaction validation, gene unfolding or something similar to SETI. However, GNation has made sure that as a user, you will not even have to concern yourself with this. All that you have to do is install the program and press a button to let it run. GShare automatically optimizes performance based on your PC, so there is no additional or complicated setup. Once gamer’s have accumulated their GameCredits, they can then spend them in the GPlay game or or purchase in-game items.

Their second product, the GPlay game store, brings new innovative elements to both gamers and developers. This includes esports and new types of competitive gameplay as well as new monetization opportunities. By introducing new modes of competitive gameplay, developers can organize tournaments with enticing prize pools or step up the excitement of player vs player battles by introducing the wagering option. In addition, easy SDK integration makes it possible for developers to publish their Unity-made games on GPlay with just a few clicks and receive payments in both fiat and cryptocurrency, and simple API rules enable esports functionalities.

Sholom stated, ““These are the first steps to create a full ecosystem that will allow users to spend less and developers to earn more – and thus to boost whole gaming industry.

On March 22nd, Sholom will be at the Unity HQ in San Francisco for the GDC conference to announce the reveal of GNation’s revolutionary ecosystem of products. Spots can be reserved at this link:

GNation plans to release their production at the E3 conference in June.


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