Windows 10S is Actually Microsoft’s ‘S Mode’ Addition to Win 10 in 2019

Rumors in the recent past claimed that the American multinational technological company, Microsoft, might shortly rebrand the Windows 10S operating system as the Windows 10S mode. Now, with the most recent claim, it has apparently been confirmed by the VP of Microsoft, Joe Belfiore. In Belfiore’s tweet, the VP reveals this information whilst replying to a tweet by Senior Editor of PCWorld, Mark Hachman. Hachman, the PCWorld’s SN stated, “Chromebooks own U.S. (Q4: 59.6% share; 2017: 58.3% share) but Windows owns the world at large (Q4: 47.5% share, 2017: 43.5% share). Apple iPads generally make up the rest, but their share is declining. (Source: FutureSource) No specific mention of Windows 10 S that I see.”

To which, Belfiore replied, “We use Win10S as an option for schools or businesses that want the ‘low-hassle’/ guaranteed performance version. Next year 10S will be a “mode” of existing versions, not a distinct version. SO … I think it’s totally fine/good that it’s not mentioned.”

Originally, Windows 10S was designed to counter the popularity of the Chrome OS from Google. It happens to be the standalone operating system which was launched last year in order to streamline the performance on the entry-level hardware. The Windows 10S OS offers a standard desktop-like experience, but at the same time, the app ecosystem is limited to only the Microsoft store, reports indicate. The American OS giant also claims that it offers better battery life on devices which are powered by the same. This hasn’t changed anything pertaining to the market share for Windows, however, therefore we have Mark Hachman’s aforementioned tweet.

Joe Belfiore confirming the change still lags behind of a few things that are still not known. While prior rumors have suggested that the S Mode will only be available for Windows Home, Pro as well as Enterprise users. Belfiore in the tweet has seemingly confirmed that customers can upgrade from Windows 10 Home S to Home very easily and absolutely for free. However, the Pro S users will have to pay $49 in order to upgrade it to Pro.

Speculations are rife that Microsoft might allow Antivirus as well as security apps to run on S-Mode. As of now things aren’t vividly clear and it is still hard to tell whether or not the S-mode will come in 2019, but we expect some clarity reports during Microsoft build conference which is slated for May 2018.

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