5 Simple Steps to make an Impact on your Customer Service

Customers are everything to a company. This means that you need to be serving them correctly in order for them to care about the company and be loyal.

Here are 5 Simple Steps you can use to create an Impact on your Customer Service-

The Metrics Matter –

Most customer-centric companies focus on customer-centric metrics to create fans. These people are more likely to use your product again. As they know you give a sh*t about them and so would they.

The most important thing to me as a customer would be my satisfaction. You can take a simple survey after every service. This would help monitor their activity.

You can always reach out to the unsatisfied person and know the details and where the issue lied. You can also check customer retention and other stats to monitor your customers.

A great way to take feedback from your customers is through live chat apps. You can use Kayako for live chatting and for quenching the thirsts of your customers. Many of us have been using Zendesk for a similar operation but Kayako provides smoother performance and offers more ways to cater customers from an all in one software. So if you want to change something in your customer support zone, then you may think of one of this Zendesk competitors.

Share Stories –

People go crazy over good stories.

We all love stories, ain’t we.

Even if you are a SaaS company or any other company for that matter, you can tell stories. This could be anything from telling them about a trip or success story of a customer.

People love to read these stuff. This is the reason that the blog section of a website exists. You just need to share certain types of content that makes the customer feels as a family.

Sumo does it very well with their Sumo Stories. You can read to know more.

Keep your Employees Happy

I know you must be wondering How does Employees have to do with customers. I know it’s strange.

But Happy Employees means Happy Customers.
Try to respect their ideas and also take a monthly feedback to know more about his problems too.

You can give employees with –

  1. A raise if he deserves
  2. Perks and other benefits
  3. Trips etc

It’s all about the work culture. This will help you create satisfied customers as well as employees.

Hire the right People

Hiring the correct candidate is also very important.

Employees are one’s you make your company. So hiring the right person is the key to grow.

Only skills is not enough, attitude matters too.

This is the reason marks ain’t enough to get a job, the overall body language and the thinking of a person matters too.

I think most companies should invest more time in hiring.

Give extra – Value your customers
Don’t get me wrong!

It doesn’t mean that you need provide discounts and freebies with every purchase. I know it will hurt the business of the company.
But once in while you can always provide offers etc. It not has to be to everyone, you run these offers for your loyal customers.
Just make sure you don’t make them used to these discounts.


Hope you liked out our strategies. I think customers are more than important  anything for any business.

They can make or break your business.

Do share your own strategies below in the comments section? We would love to know 🙂

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