SOLIDteknics Triples KS Funding Goal with nöni – USA-made Seamless Stainless Pans

Over the last several years, we’ve seen a huge shift towards healthy living. However, as we become more health-conscious with nutrient-dense meals made right in our own kitchens, most of us do not consider the cooking tools we are using and the long term effects they may have on our health. Non-stick and teflon cookware has always been infamous for leaking toxins into foods, but did you also know copper and aluminum cookware can be just as bad?

So, what do we use instead?

One company, SOLIDteknics USA, is on a mission to replace synthetic and disposable cookware with their new innovative healthy cookware – nöni™.  

Mechanical engineer and founder of SOLIDteknics USA, Mark Henry, has two decades of experience developing chef products and has already successfully funded 12 crowdfunding campaigns in the past. SOLIDteknics seamless 1-pc wrought iron pans are already well-known among top chefs and are sold in chef supply and iconic stores like Zabar’s, JB Prince, Chef’s Arsenal and Amazon.

Nöni™ is a new breed entirely and it is made to last more than a century. For the first time, Mark Henry has found a way to eliminate all joints, rivets, welds, and screws from cookware, making wobbly handles a thing of the past. Nöni™ cookware is wrought from SOLID 3mm ferritic stainless steel and does not need multiple layers of different steel and aluminum/copper, like all other stainless brands. Their ferritic stainless is almost two times more thermally conductive than the common austenitic (Nickel) stainless steels.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. The flat skillet lid for Nöni™ also acts as another piece of cookware. The lid has a long handle for easy lifting and can be used for griddling, crepes, and more.

“Though the challenges are enormous, we at SOLIDteknics have a solid optimism for success, in the long run, in the USA housewares industry, starting with cookware (and closely followed by patented world-first chef knives, also made in the USA),” said Henry. “The SOLID Team believes very strongly that they will build the company and brands into significant multi-generation industry leaders in healthy and sustainable housewares products, and inspire a new generation of businesses in this industry to put people and planet ahead of profits.”

SOLIDteknics nöni™ cookware is the first to come with a multi-century warranty since the material will never crack like cast iron and there are no rivets or joints to fail over time. Right now, backers can save $50 on the non 8” Saute Pan and $100 on the entire set before April 11th. After which, the set will be $50 off the MSRP.

Nöni™ is currently available for pre-sale on Kickstarter and the campaign has raised nearly $60K with 28 days to go. Right now, backers can save $50 on the non 8” Saute Pan and $100 on the entire set before April 11th. After which, the set will be $50 off the MSRP.



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