Whatsapp Rolls Out “Dismiss as Admin” Feature for Android and iOS Devices

Whatsapp has rolled out a new feature in its latest update that will give more power to an administrator of a group. The new feature will enable an administrator of a group to demote another admin without removing them from the group. The feature has been rolled out in the latest update for iOS with version number 2.18.21. It is likely to be rolled out to Android devices within the next few days. All iOS users can now check out this new feature by updating the app to the latest version from the Apple App store.


Earlier, Whatsapp group administrators had to remove the other admin from the group and add him again to remove him as the administrator. Now, admins will no longer need to remove the other admin and can demote him directly.

Whatsapp also recently rolled out a new Payments feature for Android users. The new feature will enable users to request money from a family member, friend or any other contact on the list. This feature is currently available only on the Android beta program and is yet to be rolled out on iOS. In order to use this feature on Android, the users can dive to WhatsApp>Settings> Payments>New Payments>Choose UPI ID or Scan code> Request Money or Send Money. It is to be noted that the request for money will be valid only for 24 hours.

Whatsapp has also enabled a new vCard feature on Android last week. This feature will actually alert you if you receive a message from an unknown number and you can then prefer to save or discard the number as you deem fit.

Along with the vCard feature, Whatsapp has also enabled redownload of media files in case of accidental deletion. This feature will enable a user to redownload a particular file (image, video, GIF, etc) if he has accidentally deleted it from the Whatsapp folder on the internal storage of the phone. However, the user needs to have the message through which that particular deleted file was sent in order to download it again.

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