Google Pay Rolls Out to Web to Reach Desktops and iOS Devices

Google has rolled out a web version of the recently launched Google Pay unified payments platform that replaced Android pay and Google Wallet. The move is apparently to make the payments platform available over the web on Android as well as Apple exclusive devices.

Google has also added the function to sync card details so that the users can continue to use the platform on desktops and iOS devices seamlessly without having to furnish their credentials again. Google also upgraded its assistant recently to implement the Google pay function so that users can send or request money from their contacts directly using voice commands.

The latest move is possibly to expand the use of the Google Pay platform further on all Google devices as it faces stiff competition from Apple and Samsung since they both also feature a unified payments platform of their own. From now on “Pay with Google Pay” button will be available on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers as well. Also, credit card and debit card details entered on one browser or device will reflect on all other browsers and devices that are logged in with the same user account. This will allow making payments easier as the user will not have to provide the card details again on a new device.

Google has also provided more benefits to Chrome users. Google Chrome will allow autofill of user credentials to make payments faster. Google Pay on Android also offers easy checkout at departmental stores, cinema theatres and elsewhere that accepts cashless payments. Users can make payments through the Google pay app securely for availing a variety of services. In addition, Google Pay on Android also provides exclusive offers and promotions to users in the US, UK, Russia, Poland, Australia and many other countries. This feature is also expected to be made available to users on a global scale very soon.

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