Google Rolls Out Wear OS Update to Include AI Assisted Features on Smartwatches

Google is rolling out a new update to its Wear OS to bring Google Assistant centric features on smartwatches. The new update includes features like smart suggestions and the very popular Actions on Google feature for smartwatches running on Wear OS. It also includes the ability to hear the Google Assistant answers on the smartwatch instead of just reading them on the small dial earlier. The company has confirmed that the update will be rolled out to all Wear OS smartwatch users in the next few days.

Apparently, Google Assistant is set to become smarter after the update is rolled out as it will have the ability to bring follow searches based on the user’s queries. For example, if a user inquires about the local weather, it will not only display the weather update for the day but will also suggest the forecast of the entire week ahead.

Apart from that, Google is also bringing an improvement for the Actions on Google feature as well. This will enable users to command other smart products like ACs or ovens through the Google Assistant on the smartwatch. This updated feature will make sure that users don’t have to depend on their smartphones only for using voice commands through the Google Assistant.

To recollect, Google has already enabled third-party integration on Google Assistant in October 2016. Since then there have been more than 1 million actions developed by third parties on Google Assistant. Recently the company has called out to developers to keep adding more actions to make it smarter.

Google rebranded Android Wear to Wear OS in March this year. This was apparently done because the company rolled out iPhone compatibility with its smartwatches recently and the name Android Wear does not seem to fit well. Earlier when Android Wear was launched, it only supported smartphones running on Android OS to work with the smartwatches.

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