LG Unveils ThinQ AI Enabled OLED TVs in India

LG is one of the first brands to embrace the AI technology successfully on its devices. Notably, its flagship smartphones now feature its custom AI platform called ThinQ. Now, the company has extended its ThinQ Artificial Intelligence technology to TVs as well. The company launched 25 TVs under different categories yesterday in India. The categories include OLED, Super UHD, UHD and Smart TVs. The rance of ThinQ AI-powered TVs starts from Rs 32,500 (32-inch) and goes all the way up to Rs 29,49,990 (77-inch).

LG ThinQ AI powered TVs launched in India
LG ThinQ AI powered TVs launched in India

“Artificial intelligence is definitely the road ahead for all our future products. AI functionality backed up with extensive research is incorporated in televisions with an aim of delivering a unique and more intuitive experience. As a matter of fact, we have taken a step ahead to implement AI function across our range of smart televisions…,” said Younchul Park, Director-Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India.

The primary feature of LG ThinQ AI is active voice control using Natural Language Processing (NLP). The company also said that the AI-powered TVs can not only understand voice commands but also the intent of the query before serving a personalized result. It also features over 800 voice commands that can work without the internet.

LG’s ThinQ AI-powered TVs also feature “Mobile Connection Overlay” that allows the users to view search results on their smartphones and TV simultaneously. Apart from that, users will also be able to access Google Photos and Google Drive on their TV sets.

It also features a two-way Bluetooth support that wills allow the users to connect their TV sets with other external devices via Bluetooth. They can also listen to music on their smartphones by pairing with their TVs and vice-versa.

Talking about the internal specs, the LG ThinQ AI OLD TVs are powered by Alpha 9 processors while the UHD TVs are powered by Alpha 7 processors under the hood. The Alpha range of processors is capable of producing images at 120 frames per second for a more enriching TV viewing experience.

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