PUBG on Xbox One Gets G-Coin Currency which can be Purchased with Real Money

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has received a new in-game currency called G-Coin on the Xbox One.S The game developer announced yesterday that the new in-game currency can only be purchased with real money, unlike Battle Coins which does not require real money. PUBG Corp. said that the latest addition is due to the lack of a marketplace on the Xbox platform as opposed to Steam.

The new PUBG G-Coin currency will be rolled out to PUBG’s Public Test Servers first to test out the integrity and stability of the system and the new currency. If everything goes off well and the developer is satisfied, it will be rolled to the actual game servers in the coming months. Anyone who signs up for these Public Test Servers, which are available for free on PUBG for Xbox One, the developer will provide 13,000 G-Coins and 100,000 Battle Points.

To check out the feature on the separate Public Test Servers, you can search for PUBG Test Server on the Microsoft Store. This feature has already gone live yesterday and will be available till the launch of PUBG 1.0 on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. While both the maps are available now, users of the North America server are currently restricted to Solo Third Person Perspective.

Once G-Coins are made available for everyone throughout the world, it will be available for purchase on the Microsoft store and the in-game store as well. PUBG players will then need to use real money to buy this virtual currency on the Xbox One platform. G-Coins can be used to buy Event Pass: Sanhok, Skin sets, and Parachute skins but not crates which will still require Battle Points. However, on the Public Test Servers, the G-Coins will not be available for purchase and the users will only be allowed to check out this new currency without actually buying them for any task.

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