Syska Launches Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Table Lamp with Amazon Alexa Support in India

Syska LED, the Chinese company which is known for its range of LED lighting solutions has announced the launch of a new Wi-Fi enabled smart table lamp with Amazon Alexa support in India. With the integration of a virtual assistant, this table lamp can be controlled by voice commands of the users.

The smart table lamp offers three different color temperatures which include Warm White, Day Light and Cool White. The color temperature ranges from 3000K to 6000K. The Syska LED smart table lamp comes with a price tag of Rs 3,699 and will be available online via Amazon India and Flipkart.

The smart table lamp also offers three different stages of brightness levels as well to suit the users’ mood. With Amazon’s Echo range of devices which includes Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Spot and Echo Spot, the users will be able to control the smart table lamp remotely. The lamp also features a ‘feather touch control’ panel which has been set up at the base to provide touch access. The feature provides three different control settings to the users which include on/off toggle, color temperature toggle and brightness control.

Alongside all these features, the Syska Wi-Fi enabled smart table lamp also features a ‘Night Mode’ for reading in low light conditions. The table lamp can also bend to a large extent to suit the user’s needs. Syska has also claimed that the LED lamp fitted to the set can last for 30,000 hours or more than 5 years. This is quite a long period of time when compared to traditional incandescent lamps and CFLs.

While announcing the launch, Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Syska Group said, “As an endeavour towards providing the best customer experience through innovative product solutions, we have been introducing Wi-Fi enabled products for our tech savvy consumers. In today’s time, technology is playing a key role in our daily life and introduction of such products will definitely bring more value and comfort to millions of customers across the country.”

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