MagDock is an All-In-One Portable Wireless Charging Dock

A new take on the portable charger hit Kickstarter today. Magdock is the first all-in-one portable wireless charging dock for all of your devices. PITAKA, the company behind Magdock, aims to raise $15,000 to bring the device to life, and they hit their goal in only a few hours.

MagDock uses a combination of high-tech materials, carbon fiber and magnets to bring a classic smooth design that integrates wireless charging, a mobile dock and power bank. The multi-device Qi charger works with all of your Qi-compatible devices including phones, the Apple Watch and AirPods. Not only that, MagDock is expandable. The patented magnetic connector allows you to attach additional wireless charging pads whenever you add more devices to your collection.

For the traveler, MagDock comes with a portable zip & go travel kit so you can forget about carrying multiple chargers with you, whether you’re just out and about or on vacation. The 7500mAh inbuilt power bank means you’ll always have power when you need it. However, when you do find yourself back at your home base, MagDock is ideal as your nightstand charger. With zero light emittance, it won’t keep you up.




What I love most about MagDock is its unique “twist and dock” design. The specially designed dock allows users to twist it to the viewing angle they need, such as when you need to look at a recipe while cooking. Industrial Design and CXO of PITAKA, Teng Gan, describes the reason and process for this design as “designing without thought” philosophy. While he and the team put plenty of thought into MagDock, they don’t want you to have to think about using it. “With MagDock, we thought people should not have to think about adjusting the position of their phone. Just place and charge,” said Teng. “This makes the relationship between a person and the object run more smoothly.”

In addition to these features, MagDock is smart controlled by an app available for iOS and Android so you can keep tracking of charging.

MagDock is currently available for pre-sale starting at $30. Get yours here.

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